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  • need a line to respond :|

    Lately i hited of this scenario:
    -in the gym a new girl that i met say to me in front of others that she was asking about me
    -a friend say in front of the girl that she was asking about me and she is smileing
    The problem is that i could not come with an inteligent line to respond and create DHV or neg..most of the time i smile or i say "cool" and then i feel realy stupid and i think how the f*** i did that..

    Thanks and sry for my english.

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    Ur friend was giving her a hard time(neg) in front of u. Thats what ur saying? And u wish u had a line to respond to ur friend's teasing? Well if thats the case u couldve said to him "I know she was why r u so worried about it man? in cool, calm voice. Flips the script on him and makes him look a little nosy and reaction seeking. Like a tool basically. I dont know if this is what happened if not tell me about it more man we are friends on the forum and ill try to help


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      I did not taught at this situation, but thanks is goot to know how to respond in situations like this.
      My situation was something like this: I enter in the gym and she is leaving because she finished her training..she stops me and say with a big smile.."hy i was asking about you", than my friend say "where you have been, girls ask about you" (i don't think is a neg, or at least is an unconscious one). I dont know how to respond to the girl.
      Other situation was when a girl come to me and say.."i talked whit that girl about you, but i forgot your name"

      Thanks for your feedback!


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        For the 1st one say "again, man they just dont know when to stop" with a small grin on ur face
        For the 2nd one say "oh yeah naughty things i bet (sexy smile or wink)" My name is Joe Black ect urs?
        Seems to them ur a popular wanted man and u can calibrate whether or not to make a move further in the seduction judging from their reactions. Hope this helps peace bro!


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          Thank you verry much. Cant wait to use them :P..

          Happy easter!