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  • False Time Constraint questions

    Hey everyone,

    got a general question on how you all use False Time Constraints (FTCs) most effectively.

    I know that it is good to start off giving an FTC (such as, "I gotta get back to my friends in a minute," or, "I just have a moment to ask you this,").

    But after you do give an FTC, do you actually end up leaving if you have hooked the set? Or if you hooked the set, do you forget about the fact that you gave an FTC and?

    Also, what happens if somebody calls you out on your FTC with something like, "Hey, I thought you had to go back to your friends?" then how do you respond?

    And finally, Takeaways:

    Do you do that in Comfort 1, or at the end of A3? Or where exactly.

    Thanks in advance,


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    whats up planet, seems we are always answering eachothers questions, lol. Well anywayas about FTC's i kinda use them differently depending on the situation. I either say at the beggining like you said, o hey i only got a sec but ... or i don't really give an FTC but just body rock and appear that i am on my way somewhere else. The good thing about a FTC is that if you have to eject, you have a pre-built in excuse that doesn't make you look weird. I have never really been called out on a FTC but if a girl in the group does i might respond with: "wow you really don't like me that much huh" or if they ask about my friends i might say, "well i'm w/ friends now" or something like that, maybe add in a neg in the second one. But yeah, when i give a FTC and I hook i stay choppin it up, and then if its not really going anywhere or whatever i would just say i gotta go or whatever. Takeaways i'm not really sure where they fall.


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      Thanks, King E

      I really like the line;

      "well i'm w/ friends now" Will have to try and use that.