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  • did i get in my own way ????

    here is the situation and i could use some seasoned vets opinions.....

    my family throws parties at our house on the lake every summer. friends of mine, who just got engaged (who i've known for years come over). they decide to invite a friend of theirs (target HB) to join us. now, we all decide to get on our boat and cruise/swim on the lake. i had happened to invite a female HB over that i use as a pivot from time to time. my pivot ally sits next to me on the boat and proceeds to make me look as high status as possible.

    over the next couple hours out on the water, i am negging, c&f on all cylinders. i was getting positive signals from target HB: laying legs on top of mine, laughing at jokes, etc. we come back to the house for dinner and drinks and my pivot ally whispers in my ear, "could you two be flirting any harder, jeeez"

    soon after, pivot ally leaves party. at this point, target HB signals she has to leave and asks if anyone wants to go and get coffee. it's my house/party and thus cannot leave, but smartly, we already had coffee ready, to which i pointed out. she partook and joined me in the house to grab cream to which she gushed over the spread/design.

    we came back downstairs to which our engaged friends suggested we go watch the sunset. we do. after, we came back upstairs. i should point out that at this point, another male friend who met her previous to this party and made his attentions known before her arrival pulled an alpha move, took her phone and programmed his number. now, he was with us all day and at no point, did she ever give him any signals of attraction or show interest of any kind, so i was not threatened.

    i felt it kind of stupid to ask for her number at this point, so i put my hands on her shoulders and made a reference to send me the photos she took over facebook. i wasn't getting any physical compliance and compounded by the fact that we were all exhuasted, i'm not sure whether she lost interest by my lesser funny material or just simply got too tired. regardless, i then walked everyone upstairs, hugged goodbye, and that was it.

    that was monday, and i have yet to hear from her. obviously i need to man up.....

    how should i approach this: use our mutual friend (too high school of a move i fear) or send her a PM thru facebook (preferable)

    hmmmmmmm ?????

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    Hmm.. facebook seems like the clear choice but... its hard to demonstrate value threw writing. So give it a day send a invitation for her to join you... or use the mutual friend. -- TruTh


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      just message her already or you'll lose her. Man up or you won't get any from her.