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  • Exactly HOW different are lesbiens.

    Maybe I'm being stupid but I have VERY deep feelings for this girl normally id just give up but something deep down tells me thats shes interested in me. Lets look at this chat log

    (12:42:05 PM): but that would be cool then you could be my boyfriend for the night
    (12:42:11 PM): since i'd be going with two couples
    Yugo xSSx (12:42:42 PM): hell yea
    Yugo xSSx (12:42:48 PM): im down for playing boyfriend
    (12:43:20 PM): hellz yeah!!!
    (12:43:44 PM): we can make my old boyfriend jealous (fake boyfriend i mean)
    Yugo xSSx (12:43:49 PM): haha
    Yugo xSSx (12:43:54 PM): ill make everyone jelous
    (12:44:29 PM): b/c he use to be my pseudo boyfriend, and now he went and got himself a real girlfriend, so i'll probs meet her for the first time tonight, and yes you'll make everyone jealous
    (12:44:45 PM): but yeah i have to meet the hoe that stole my man
    (12:44:46 PM): that whore
    (12:44:55 PM): hahaha i'm kidding i'm sure she's aweosme
    Yugo xSSx (12:45:18 PM): maybe not
    (12:46:15 PM): she better be
    (12:46:29 PM): i mean why would he pick some girl over his fake lesbian girlfriend
    (12:46:43 PM): she just has to be better than me, and if she's not i'll be pissed
    Yugo xSSx (12:48:42 PM): well you ARE into girls haha
    (12:49:06 PM): ahhahahahh nah i feel as thought that's something we could work past
    (12:49:14 PM): hahahahha, not a big deal at all
    Yugo xSSx (12:50:29 PM): hahahaha not for most guys no
    Yugo xSSx (12:51:45 PM): maybe
    Yugo xSSx (12:51:49 PM): I can be your boyfriend
    Yugo xSSx (12:52:02 PM): we will build JP
    (12:52:12 PM): ahhahahaha yes!!!
    (12:52:42 PM): i like having boyfriends
    (12:52:50 PM): so what if you did end up dating a girl for real
    (12:52:58 PM): who was previously into girls
    (12:53:30 PM): would that make you question if she still wanted girls, or make you think she was constantly checking out everyone

    Its the wording of THIS line thats gettin me "(12:52:50 PM): so what if you did end up dating a girl for real" It implys that there would have been a fake boyfriend before hand which is the situation we had been talking about for the past 5 minutes....what do you think guys am I in? I mean normally id allready be with this girl but gay girls are tricksy. How different are their buttons to push anyway.

    Sorry for the wall =3