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  • When a girl tells you she wants to have a baby?

    This is probably easy for most PUA's to interpret but I've never understood what it actually means when a girl says to you, when asked about her goals, and one of them is she wants to have a kid....Is this just slut defense?

    I'm concerned this could be a signal she is not interested in a guy sexually and it's her way of scaring him away...I've heard this a couple of times from girls already and I'm not sure what to make of it and what it says about a potential relationship between us, if anything

    So my question is :

    Is there any huge significance or message I should be hearing when a girl says this to me? Shall I take it as a subtle way of discouraging any advances?

    And as a related question: Has anyone ever still F-closed a girl who mentioned early on they wanted to have a baby one day?

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    If she tells you she wants a kid doesn't mean that she is staling out it mean that she is trying to build comfort. She wants to know if you want kids or if you don't by saying she wants kids and getting your reaction. I would stay in this set unless she is too needy.



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      MOST women decide fairly early on in their lives that they want to have a baby someday. That's a very common thing for a girl to say.

      She may be trying to find out when and if you plan to be a dad, and whether or not you are worthy of BEING a dad, according to what your views on kids are. I'd say it's an IOI on her part, and like Laces mentioned, it's also a comfort-building topic.


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        i had the same problem with my ex, i did not mean i will force him to marry me soon..i just wanted to share i like babies..what an ass..