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  • Girls who divide and conquer friends?

    So, me and my bro chilled last night with a couple of girls from my school. One of the girls was pretty and the other girl was her not so hot orbiter. Now, this is what is fucked up. The pretty girl goes straight into her social game of trying to hook me and my friend onto her by giving us IOI's. However, I did not return them, and I found it difficult to do it playfully and not come off as a dick. However, I could tell my behavior confused her. She definitely was use to getting her way with guys. However, what pissed me off is that it seemed she was actually trying to get me and my friend to compete over her so that she could separate us as friends through creating a jealous plot line between us. In fact, it seemed that both girls had the divide and conquer mentality. What I find creepy is the fact that neither of the girls seemed to give much thought to what they where doing, in fact, there behavior seemed internalized, like they where operating on co-pilot.

    So, my questions are these: Does anyone really know, preferably from experience, what motivates girls to divide and conquer friends? Also, how should these girls be treated, dropped completely or allowed to dangle or what?

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    For some, it's simply an ego game - if she can get both you AND your friend competing over her, her ego will be doubly validated.

    If she's not very self-aware, she's only going to be aware that the attention makes her feel good, but not aware of various other things - such as the fact that she's probably feeling insecure and/or afraid deep down, and that you're being negatively affected by the whole scenario while she's being selfish. She could also be hoping to use both of you for favors, etc.

    Think of this as much like how you feel when you see two attractive women side by side and you're trying to get attention and attraction from both. Or when you take a wingman sarging with you and you divide and conquer a two-set. What motivates you? Sure, sex is one factor, but there's a whole lot of other things that can be connected to that.

    Perhaps you shouldn't point the finger in that case, if you can see their behavior reflected in yourself....

    How should they be treated? Well, how would you like them to treat you? That's something to consider...


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      I agree with Wolf's post above. She probably loves the attention from two guys competing over her. The same thing happens in nature when two males compete over a female and the female pairs with the male who has proven himself the alpha. I think you should call her out on what she is doing in a playful way next time. Use it to your advantage and get her and her friend to compete for you. Let your friend know what is going on so he can wing you. This way you are the dominant one and in control of the situation.


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        It seems like a hoop I may be wrong reverse it by Negs and hit on FugLy HB REVERSAL --- TRUTH


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          Ego Game

          This pattern keeps happening over and over. Girls pairing guys against each other. I hate it because it can ruin your friendship with your wingman. So, yea, the other night I saw it coming and cancelled the party I was throwing because I did not want my best friend to have to deal with this girl and her "kinda man."

          So, this is what I am going to test next time: Create and understanding of the situation with my wing, playfully tease her about it, and have her and her friend compete over me.

          Thanks Guy!