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  • Street Sarging

    I've decided to start sarging in the street because it's just too time consuming going to bars and clubs.

    So walking away from a bad date I promised myself to approach people on the street. And in this case I knew just what my opener would be: There a wierd line of lit up numbers on a building right there and I thought I'd ask some local HB's exactly what it's about and for sure they'd know.

    so I ask one, then another, and no one has a clue. I ask a third, and then, out of nowhere this black homeless guy come up and starts giving us a presentation. Shortly, the other two I asked came over and joined the audience. So I had three HB's listening to this guy explain the numbers and two other sculpures right next to it. Well worth the $1 tip we had to cough up for the guy.

    I said to one of them after he left that I hoped that I didn't put her on the spot. Some more exchanges and she ways she thought I was with that other woman and I told her that I wasn't.

    Then I ran out of ideas and said good night.

    Any ideas on how to have continued that to a close?

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    why do you believe it is too time consuming?

    I doubt it, everything in life takes effort


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      If I go to a club, it basically takes up the whole evening, and a good part of the night/morning. The store, on the other hand, I go to anyway, so if I can learn to shop for HB's while I shop for bread, it will take up almost no time.

      Then there's also that no one else is doing that, so the shields will be likely to be on a lower setting.



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        yes, but if you go to the store how long will you spend sarging?

        five minutes of that?

        if any, be honest now

        while if you go out this friday you will have literally hours and hours of sarging

        this a GOOD thing, not a bad thing

        think about it, would you get good at running if you only ran once in a while for five minutes?

        of course not

        likewise for pick up, it takes regular commitment every week


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          I hope the hobo didn't outgame you lol.

          Naw but you should have talked to her for atleast 10 minutes and then hopefully closed on a high point time bridging to some place that you had already over-hyped.


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            I look at it this way: Three HB opened up their purses and gave this guy a dollar for his services. And I made it all happen. If I can make this happen there's no telling what else I can effect....


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              The smallest of actions or words on your part can start a huge domino effect of consequential occurrences. You'll see this more and more as you interact with people. So definitely approach anywhere, anytime... social dynamics are happening ALL THE TIME, not just in clubs, so take advantage of it. Be aware of what's going on and how you're affecting it. Think about all the positive ways you can use your influence.


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                This story is great because it actually brings up an interesting game conversation.The hobo had great game and got what he wanted from your group ... money. You walked away one dollar less without the digits of the girls you were gaming. Essentially, he outgamed you. But this is natural. Street people and people who are in a bad situation will basically have the best game out of anyone else because they have to use it in order to survive. I am sure this hobo kept the girls' interest with enough stories to keep their attention and keep them laughing. One thing about hobos is, they are almost always interesting because they have to be to get what they want. If you've ever been to Italy, you will notice that the guys who sell the fake watches and bags on the streets come from African countries where the alternative to selling watches for the mafia with a VERY small salary is getting hacked by a machete when the rebel army invades your town in Africa.

                Most of these street watch sellers have no formal education but can speak 5 languages to reach most of the tourists and are better at selling fake designer watches than most people are at selling cars or even expensive products. I've always said that these people could make millions if they were selling products in a large company. (and actually they do if you consider most large scams come from Nigeria) But why does a former goat hearder have so much game when it comes to selling watches all day long for almost no money? Because they have to do it in order to survive.

                If you look at the guys who are out there getting laid right now ... the paradigm tends to be shifting. The guys girls find most attractive are the ones who hustle them. You can take a guy from the Bronx who's grown up in the ghetto dodging bullets and selling drugs and put him in a preppy college and he would be able to score like crazy. When you have to develop game to survive, you just do it.

                Which is what you are doing right now with your sarging practice. I will say that its pretty ballsy doing what you are doing. Street sarging is difficult because girls aren't in the safety of a bar and probably have more of a guard up. You are starting out in the fast pitch cage. I find that the mall is also a great place to sarge because women there feel protected, I can't imagine a higher concentration of HB9s in one place and if a girl is shopping by herself she is either single or has a boyfriend that you can easily get past because he isn't investing time into the thing she likes ... shopping.

                In the situation you were in ... you probably should have used the homeless guy to neg the girls. I am sure he would have gladly played along and you would have almost guarenteed not to have been AMOGed him him in terms of a close. After he left, you could have told the girls 'I cant believe it. I woke up this morning and wanted to know what those numbers meant. Today I found out and I made some new friends. Well ... maybe not that girl (target). I don't know if I could be friends with someone who was checking out a homeless guy. Did you guys see her? Don't lie ...'

                Finally for the number close ... 'This was fun but you guys just made me late for my class. Maybe we could all get together for a reuinion in five years. (to target) Why don't you give me your number and I'll text you the homeless guy's number if I run into him again.' If you do close her, make it a point to (with her or on your own) buy a pizza and give it to the homeless guy if you see him out. There is such a thing as karma and the more good deeds you do, the better your game will be.
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