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  • eye gazing ? Eye flirting would like ur opponion/help

    while in ahseville on vacation today I saw the a pair of the most beautiful blue shaded eyes I have ever seen on a nice tan blonde about my age or a year older. I knew I wouldn't approach because she was sitting at a resturant with her parents and I was with my parents deciding on a resturant. Being the egotistical and confident man that I am I always catch girl's gazes. Well I caught hers and we gazed into eachother eyes for a really good 2-3 sec when I knew she wasn't going to let up I decided I break it by looking away and then looking back shortly thereafter just missing her and as my parents decided to not sit at this resturant an we were leaving I caught a side gaze from her an gave her a one second gaze back before she broke it off. It was apparent as much but her face had a slightly pinker hue then
    before. Now I know longer than 4 sec of staring is kinda creepy or rather incomfortable, but as for eye flirting what are some tips things I should do/ what you do? Wink or not? Why? What should I have done or what do
    u do regularly when u get a gaze? An dont say dude I just approach bla bla bla. I'm not one to worry too much about little things like this but me having some nice hazel eyes I do get gazes before I approach an thought I should take advantage of this but would like ur inputs. Thanks in advance!!

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    Well actually it's better to let her break the gazing contest because that shows a lot of confidence when you are willing to hold it, as long as you have a playful look on your face, not an "i'm staring" look
    for example waving would work cuz it would catch her off guard and show your confidence
    winking i would only do if u can do it right, if not it may come off as creepy
    but after the playful gazing, i obviously suggest that (given her parents aren't there) SARGER her!!!