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  • what do i do?!

    Hey guys,

    I just got into the PUA stuff like a couple months ago and i've gotten ALOT of success, but I want to know what you guys think about turning a horrible situation around....all of this happened before i got into PU and since i'm no pro i want to know what you guys would do here..

    ~4 months ago i went to the library (i'm in 2nd yr university) and i saw an HB10 sitting alone at a big table, so i make it bait, sit at the same table, occasionally checking her out while i study...then some dude came and sat right beside her, tried to hit on her, miserably failed, and i just sorta had a big smirk on my face...nothing else happened here...

    Then 2 weeks later i go to the bars with my buddies and i saw her, she made some eye contact with me, and she left the guy she was talking to (in the middle of their convo) and called me "hey" and put up her drink...i was SHOCKED and i just pointed to my coat and made hand gestures pointing to the coat check and just left to meet up with my buddies in line...i didn't see her for the rest of the night....

    then 3 weeks after that, i go to a club scene and i see this hot girl in front of me...i give her a nice push and she turns around and i say "watch where your going"...and guess what, it was her...we made eye contact and i suddenly froze...she told me it was her birthday and then i tried to get all live (mainly to stall and recollect myself) and i called over my roomate and i'm like yoo it's her birthday blah blah...conversation didn't go that far, then to try to save it she was like "you wanna buy me a birthday shot?"...i said yes without thinking...but I didn't have cash on roomate told me he'd give me if i needed, and since he was there i made a hand gesture signalling GIMME MONEY!!...problem is, he couldn't get it to me and he only had like 5$ -__-.......anyways i iso'd her and brought her to another part of the bar (and her friend tried to grab her away from me, but she waved her friend off) and after a bit more stalling i just told her "listen, i'll buy you a shot but i have to withdraw some cash"...and her reaction was "what?!? its ok my friends can buy me shots" and she just walked after a copule mins of thinking i was like...this girl has a thing for me, i'll try to salvage what i can, and i went up to her and was like, look i feel bad, i'll make it up to you, let me get your number...and she looked at me, thought for a second, looked at her friend and then back at me and turned her head side-to-side signalling no....but now it gets worse...

    so now...2 weeks after that, i'm back at the library, it seems like i'm sitting with some pretty hot girls (i don't even know them) and then guess what, HB10 (this girl) comes and sees me and pulls the same trick i pulled on her the first day...she sits really close to me....after a while she made it obvious that she was about to leave (she talked on the phone in front of me)...and then i got the courage and was like "hey ____, so how was your birthday"....and then i got up to get a coffee and was like "i'm getting a coffee, do you want anything..cuz i gotta make it up to you" and she said no...when i got back with my coffee, we talked abit more and she asked why i said i had to make something up to her (i feel like this was just like a test or something) and i retold the awkward situation, but tried to put like a funny twist or something on it....anyways...after talking she really emphasized that i should go to barneys (a patio bar) on the saturday...i knew i couldn't cuz of exams, so i was just like yeah for sure..blah blah...and i asked her for her number so that we could meet up. she gave it but really emphasized that she was going to be there anyways and that i should come....she came back to that spot later and we talked abit more (boring convo...i probably DLV'd) but then we added eachother on facebook at the library...

    So, saturday came and I ended up texting her, making a BS story that i spontaneously decided to drive back to my hometown for a friends bday blah blah and i asked her for dessert on the reply....then on the monday i txt'd her in the afternoon and was like "hey, weekend was good..went to ___ bar, blah what time works for you?"....then she mssg'd me like 2 hrs later with "patio?"....then i was like "patio sounds good, what time"...she mssg'd me at 4:30 saying "i'm here" and my phone was fucked i got the mssg at 5:30 and that's when she sent another one saying something like "war u at bra" (she tried to be all gangster to be funny i guess) i rush there like 1.5 hrs late...and wtvr i'm all calm and i see her, hug her and sit down...i'm like yeah you can't expect me to just drop all my shit and come when you call...and she was fine with that...but after we start talking...the conversation gets really dry...i had some really bad and VERY BORING things to say (i probably seemed like the biggest fool)...and it just died there...she still invited me out to a bar that night, but i couldn't go....never seen her since...

    so now...from her facebook shes a hardcore party girl (lots of pics + lots of friends), but in person i don't get that vibe...anyways...she went back to her hometown changed her number, but it's public on facebook..and i'm still at the university for the summer there anything that i can do; send a facebook mssg, randomly call her...anything to help fix this situation...because it's obvious she has a thing for me...but i was just retarded...I don't have one-itis...i'm going out all the time and pickin up chicks now after reading the game and doing other stuff....but is it possible to turn this situation around?

    SORRY for the long-ass post...but i wanted to have all the details in there...thanks to whoever guys are sickkkk!

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    sounds to me like you care too much of this out come or this girl try an let go an not care if the convo is boring soo whatt she should wanna hear the boring convo as long as it comes from your lips...but dont try an impress her. lol

    anyways i would suggest you DONT call her on her public cell number bcs it suggests neediness and your purposefully searching for JUST HER number when you should have tons of other HB's begging to be with you..haha but i would SUGGEST you FACEBOOK MESSAGE her on her wall or sumtin wit a

    HEY long time no talk ill be going to (her hometown) for some business an i def. wanna chill wit you im free on (whatever time you can be there).

    but that is if her hometown is close or sumtin. if not just be like "watsup when u stoppin by." but im sorry to inform you for summer just get other chicks dont worry about but maybe keep in touch here an there like "OMG i just met this girl that looks just like you that i came up to her an was like HEYY (girl you likes name here) and she was like NOO im sara bla bla not her. but it turned out to be a really nice chick except her bf got mad when she gave me her number bla bla watsup hows ur summer been?" something funny and stuff along those lines. Just wait till she gets back to skewl if she lives too far