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    hey guys...does anyone know the whole love drop and mystery role play gambit....where they take a girl and say : "you know what i would do with you, i would take you in my arm and walk you down the red carpet and have everyone be jealous of you" (well i made that one up..but those are the role reversals)
    A N Y W A Y .. when do you do it?

    Is it in comfort or attraction.. if c then c1?c2?c3? if A then A1?A2?A3?


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    I've used them (credit Mehow) as early as A2 right after opening to spike BT and build attraction.

    They are a tool to build attraction and display that you live in your own reality. Role playing gets her INVESTED in the interaction and builds attraction.

    Personally I don't think there's a specific time for it, but you calibrate and they change slightly between Attraction and Comfort.

    During Attraction, you project things you'd do WITH her that are fun, exciting, funny.

    During Comfort you project things the TWO OF YOU DO TOGETHER that reinforces a pair bonding instinct in her mind.

    That's what works for me. Go out and find out what works best for YOU.


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      thanks... because i was thinking of using it in comfort..after opening a 3 set...and getting the girl alone.i would tell her stories about me.. "wilingness to emote" stories and then id say " you know what i would do with you? I would dress you up as big kitttie cat and myself as a big red dog..and we would parage down the streets together holding hands and laughing ,so everyone would be jealous of my kit kat..or or somethin similar


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        if it gets heri nvested in the convo , then i assume its (Credit-mystery) a type of bait-hook-reel-release tactic


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          Originally posted by guitarz View Post
          if it gets heri nvested in the convo , then i assume its (Credit-mystery) a type of bait-hook-reel-release tactic
          It is if you use it that way:

          Ex. - If you do the projection then IOD at the end, it's a BHRR type tactic.

          PUA: I'd totally take you out to *blank*, then you'd fall madly in love with me, and I'd kindly like you too, I aint' gonna lie, but then you'd go all psycho, asking me about all my other girl friends and we'd have to break up, and not just for the break up sex, even though it would be stellar.....etc.

          You get the point.