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  • girl has a boyfriend, but she is attracted to me

    A girl I have gone to college with has had a boyfriend for all three years even though she has shown strong attraction to me. She has come onto me several times, but I have pulled away because she's in a relationship. I was also friends with the guy before he cockblocked me with some other girls I was looking to pursue. I am no longer friends with the guy, and I am tired of being just friends with this girl. Should I attempt to break up their relationship, or should I let them fall apart on their own since they cheat on each other?

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    i learned from experience, you will always think that this is a special relationship... but in the end it will not end well

    the emotional baggage from the previous relationship will always drag onto this one... and if you are initiating the break up you will lose control of the relationship you have with her.

    i have been back and forth in this situation for 2 years... 3 months ago i said good bye to this girl.. and today i am back in contact with her suffering through the mind games

    so what im saying is, stay friends and if you can't do it.. then walk away... there are better girls

    and inspiration being.. if she can show that shes attracted to you and come onto you while shes in a relationship, she probably isn't worth the stress

    and you are probably pretty deep into the hole and care alot about her, or else you wouldn't have posted regarding this.

    now with that disclaimer ahead:

    here is how to do it, make her want you by displaying high status and treat her relationship casually with no personal attacks against her boyfriend

    think of her boyfriend as simply her "boyfriend" not an individual so you can concentrate more on the girl herself

    never try to break her relationship deliberatly, inspire her to do it herself.

    but like i said... i don't suggest this bro.. i'm not even going to ask you think it through..

    it is not worth it, period.

    do what i couldn't do, walk away and meet better people.
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      yeah, what SOCIET said

      even though the situation will probably lead to future drama about her ex (if you get to nail her) you can do that at your own risk.

      Just show her youre better than that dumbass by making her laugh, treating shit casual, treating her better, etc, and just dont address her bf at all, she'll make a descision sooner or later and its up to you if its headed at you.

      i wouldnt worry so much about the cheating because it's her boyfriends fault she cheats on him, because hes not as awesome as she expects him to be so she looks for others to feed her needs.

      as long as you arent an AFC or beta or whatever, and youre great enough to attract her and keep her with you, she wont cheat on you and totally forget that guy, just dont fuck up with her like her BF did.

      hope that helps man, good luck.