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  • Sex with friends? Does the friendship remain?

    Ive met this girl and we love to hang out. Straight friends from the beginning, I never thought that it could go further (lots of kino though). But being a PUA and all, I always think about gaming and lately Im sensing that it could be on.
    This is more an ethical question. Should I go for the kill and maybe end up as friends with benefits or in the worst case: simply have a fuckbuddy but no friendship.
    Because I want to keep the friendship by all means. So If we have unattached sex, does the friendship still remain?

    What do you think?

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    Some girls can handle it, some can't - they'll develop feelings for you regardless.

    The other issue is that it's harder to remain friends with somebody when you've been having sex with them once they get themselves into an LTR. If you don't want to date this girl, this could be a major issue - sooner or later she'll find somebody who does want to date her, and then the fwb is the first friend to go (out of deference to the new BF).


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      I think sex with friends is a good thing, Hotspur has a valid point though. The friendship shouldn't die off either. I like this post about sex with friends - [url][/url]. I also like Johnny Soporno's style


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        I have this feeling - right or wrong - that when too close to a fuck buddy for a while, too often, just... too... acting like we were together - it often ends up with feelings and attachment. I guess it also depends on the girl, some FBs remain that and you see them every once in a while with an implied freedom agreement as it should.

        ...I remember both a cougar mistaking me for her pet or carebear or I don't know what, and a FB landing at my place to tell me about how her current love story ended and -yadda-yadda- and next thing you know we were living together.


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          Girls tend to believe they're in love after having sex with someone that stimulates their feelings. If you want a FB you must make sure to keep it ONLY physical, and no chit chat cuddling. Because that will open up a floodgate of emotional connections, and as soon as that is on the table, things can get messy. I've lost a friend and fb like that.

          I say sleeping with your friend, terrible idea. If you are happy with the friendship, then keep it as it is! But this is not a rule, but a guideline. Some girls are cool with casual sex and still remaining friends, you just have to make sure not to build an emotional connection.

          Even I have been guilty of doing that, and thinking things were turning into a LTR, and then she let me down with "Cro...we're just fooling around as friends...ok"

          I was 'wow, I'm the girl!" hehe, but this is my input from personal experience. I have a former fb that now thinks we have more, and is always calling me to run preselection stories to make me jealous because I didn't want the same things she did, because we started building an emotional connection.

          At the moment I just started a new fb relationship, and I'm keeping it purely physical.