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    I messaged this girl on Facebook on a whim. I usually donít bother too much with online game anymore, but I decided to just message a filipina who is a friend of a ďfriendĒ. I didnít put too much effort into it at first. Bear in mind the correspondence is not instant messaging, itís more like email, so replies are slow, but she usually responds same day or within the hour sometimes. Hereís how it went down:

    Universal: we're both friends with Cathy. I'm Universal. how are you?
    HB7: :im good how about you?you mean Cathyís friends?so hows your day?are you in toronto
    Universal: Yeah I'm in toronto. whatcha doing here in TO, are you here to stay or just for a visit? I did the opposite I went to your country before. by the way, you have more pictures than anyone I've ever seen on Facebook. what a lot of work to upload them, huh? i'm too lazy to upload mine.
    HB7: im working here,so hows your day?did you meet already my friend Cathy?my others pictures taken when was in hongkong,im just move only here seven months ago,thats it,ok hve a good night,
    Universal: hi (HB7), your name is (HB7), right? My day is good I just woke up now and soon I'm going out with my friends, I have the night off. I don't believe I've met Cathy just online I think. I Just noticed that you were also her friend. what's your email, I'll add you?
    HB7: you can add me in this.(her email) just now i hve still working,so where are you just now?
    Universal: I'm just at home getting ready to go out. you're a hard worker huh, that's good, I could use a friend like you. By the way, your email didn't work, are you sure you typed it right?
    HB7: sorry this (her email)
    ok thanks for adding me

    Then I switched to using the email she gave me:

    Universal: do you check your email everyday?
    HB7: yes of course,coz i hve my own laptop.ok hve a good night
    Universal: good morning. You seem tall for a filipina. I looked at a few of your many, It would take a week to look at all them. Ha (FYI I actually looked at all of them, it didnít take that long) I have some shopping to do today. You look like a stylish person, I'd bet you could help me pick out some shoes. Anyhow. I'm sure you're working now you probably have weekends off am I right. My schedule is kinda weird. What's your schedule?
    HB7: hi!how are you?you right im so really busy right now coz my boss they went to new york tom,anyways thanks for views my pictures,im not really stylish person just a little bit,thats it ok hve good night!what do you mean my schedule my working?im start 8:30 in the morning up to 6:30 in evening,ok godbless

    After that I found her on msn messenger and we started chatting. I saw her on webcam which was pretty cool. I was attracted. Her responses were pretty slow, so I asked if she was busy. She told me she was chatting with family back home. I said okay cool, take your time. I told her that Iím also chatting with a ďfriendĒ (FYI that was bullshit, but she assumed it was a girl, so pre-selection). Somewhere in there I told her I have a lot of filipina friends (which is somewhat true). After a while of useless and painfully slow fluff chat, she was finally finished chatting with her family, and just when I thought I might be able to start really gaming her, she wanted to go so she could download music. After that unproductive chat, I was just about ready to give up on her.

    6 days pass. I was busy with work and with other girls. I notice her previous email is still in my inbox, so I decide to send her one last email, to see if she bites.

    Universal: You should have the record for the most amount of pictures on Facebook. Hey, I have an idea, I have some free time this week. Would you like to join me for a coffee and some conversation?

    Within 30 minutes her response:

    HB7: hey!!good evening?about my pics to my Facebook not really much ok
    so!you invite me to join you,why me? you hve a lot of friends here right,anyways thanks a lot that im not sure, hve good day

    Now it is the next day, and I want to respond to her, but Iím not sure what problem she has thatís keeping her from agreeing to meet me. I know Iím in damage control, and Iíd like to be able to turn this around. Sheís asking me ďwhy herĒ. I get the impression that sheís seeing me as a player and that I have many girls on the go and perhaps that is whatís turning her off. Too much pre-selection can be a bad thing for filipinas, I think. On the other hand it could be something else. Maybe not enough attraction built, but building attraction via emails is not easy.

    Iím thinking about sending her an email like this:

    Hey (HB7), I wanted to invite you because Iím curious about you and I want to see what youíre like. Iím looking for something special at best, but even at the worst I could make a new friend. How does that sound, nothing to lose right? Whenís your free time?

    What do you think guys? I appreciate any comments.

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    looks liek you were investing too much energy in her.. your replys and messages seemed some what awkward and missing alot of energy.. try this out, "Why you? well i like stylish people around me.. they keep me young ya know? haha!! well its up to you.. the options there take it or leave it =).. anyways i gotta split.. got some shopping to do and then the gym (or whatever interesting thing you do that has nothing to do with game and more to do with a fun lifestyle)... stay classy and stylish! haha!

    try that.. if she doesnt come around then it.. you practiced adn learned something about women.. they can flake.. hahah!


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      If you were bored, chances are she was too. Too much fluffing is fatal to your sarge. Once you bore her, you risk DLVing yourself into the gutter. MAKE the conversation interesting. Take the bull by the horns and LEAD it like an ALPHA.

      After a week has passed, buying temp has gone way down. You can't expect her to suddenly jump at the opportunity to comply right away with a meet-up, especially after her last memory of you is a bore. You need to DHV more, flip her ATTRACTION SWITCHES (you've got preselection, what about the others?), and work on spiking her emotions. After a spike in buying temp, THEN you can give her a hoop to jump through.