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    So I asked this girl 2 go to my school's semi w/ me and she said she'll think about it. Its next saturday. How long should I wait to ask her for a definate answer and how should I do it so I don't convey neediness or look AFCish?

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    Jelousy is a Powerful Tool

    im still newbish but how about u consider using jealousy, a very powerful to getting a woman to make a decision and quick.
    Just a thought..
    u can get some other girl dats interested in you very much and make her jump through the hoop of asking u out to the semi-formal in FRONT of the girl who is skeptical/waiting to respond to you. ex:
    you an your girl are chillin at a party/social place
    HB: (comes up to you): hey (your name) will u take me to the semi-formal?
    you: i dont know im holding out for someone
    your girl: (probably blush at this point and when the HB leaves tell u her indefinate answer, yes or no and in the case of no u can move on an take the HB and get your girl jealous throught the whole dance while you are having fun she wishes she would have said yes)
    just my two cents


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      I have used a little jealousy by saying "I'm going to take this girl Kristen but she might be busy. Do you wanna go if she can't?" and then she said "I'll think about it." I wasn't planning on asking this girl cuz I thought she hated me ( for sum dumb reason even tho she never did) and now she's back in my life and I wanna take her instead of Kristen so should I say: "Hey, Kristen can't make it so you should come with me to the semi." ? Also for some background: I go to an all boys school so any upfront jealousy is impossible and also neither of these girls know each other.


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        i feel you for going to an all boys school, i do to. i think the reason she said maybe was one of two reasons:
        1. She really isnt sure
        2. Could have felt like a second rate girl by mentioning u possibly asking Kristen before her
        If you reply by saying hey Kristen cant make it(unless you an your girl/target are close friends) she will feel second rate (your second choice) by her saying yes she will feel socially lesser (like her making a DLV). You really shouldnt reply like that. Try an make a hoop(situation) for your target that will in the end have her make a DHV to qualify to you. In my eyes having Kristen ask you in front of your girl(your target) an your turn her down in front of your girl/target was the perfect solution but like i said im still in noob stage so lets see what some other users have to say about that. In all my time on this forum the best users with advice i think are Decibel, the Judge, and Inferno. Try PMing them with your situation if they dont reply to ur thread.


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          yo thnx for the advice man, I'll be sure not to make a girl feel second rate in a future situations.


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            I think jealousy was the wrong play here because it made the girl seem unimportant to you.

            Look, formals are a kind of archaic thing where you're supposed to be romantic about it.

            You say she's making you sit and wait, but you're really making her sit and wait. You haven't asked her yet! She's not going to put herself out there by saying "I'll go if Kristen can't" and then have you say, "Sorry, Kristen's going."

            You need to step up and BE A MAN - tell her you want to take her, you decided you'd rather take her than Kristen, and see if she's up for it.

            And if she hems and haws, don't sit for it. "Let me think about it" - tease her. Play with her. And, ultimately, say, "Well, I don't want to be left hanging, let me know tomorrow."

            And if you don't hear form her tomorrow, ask someone else.