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  • Good openers

    I find it difficult to open sets with openers like "Did you see the fight?", "I need a female opinion, girl makes out with another guy...", "Do you floss before or after you brush?", etc.. They're just too simple, the girl WILL know you are just trying to get her attention with a poor excuse, and will be like "Uh..".

    Im on need of some [i]really[/i] good openers to work on single and multiple girl sets.

    Any good ones that don't look shitty?


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    In light of the show, I have been called out a couple times on opinion openers. The best way I have found to adapt is to make your openers situational. For example:

    I will wear a light red shirt and ask sets if they think it is red or pink. Or order a water and open with do you think it is wrong to go to the bar and not drink.

    They have to appear spontaneous and a topic that is truly being discussed at that moment between your circle of friends. Don't say you need a female opinion, just approach with the correct BL and say ''Is this shirt red or pink?''

    Haven't been called out since I have focused being truly sponaneous.


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      "Ok, did you see the he-she?"

      "Is your drink all watered down too? Mine tastes weak."

      "What was that show with Uncle Jesse?"

      "Best band of all time: Guns N Roses or Motley Crue?"


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        there aren't anymore good openers, sorry. You just have to go straight to A2.

        So why can't you just make up one for yourself (like we're supposed to)?

        If you DID use an opinion opener it would go best if you REALLY DID want to know her opinion, when it's authentic it will be congruent with you and that way you don't have to be a decent actor to not sound stupid asking something you don't care anything about.

        Here's one I made up last week...

        "So what are you drinking? I have to drink water. Not because I'm the driver or anything but I figured I'm standing next to FIRE so water is probably better."


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          This happened with me last night, on my first set ever - I got totally called out by one girl who promptly started blaring like an alarm, "Are you a pickup artist? Oh my god, he's a pick up artist, don't listen to him, he's trying to ask a random question, that's what pickup artists do!" It was my first set man! She freakin scared the bejesus out of me. Luckily I had adapted an opinion opener that was based on the truth about me - I was asking them if they thought ballroom dance was cool, gay, weird or what. I was stumbling all over the place trying to logically tell her that I really was a ballroom dancer and I didn't know what she was talking about, and that I really wanted her opinion, so finally they put me to the test and were like, "We don't believe you can ballroom dance, you have to show us." So I ended up showing them with a girl from my table, which pretty much saved my ass, but had they been a harder set, I probably wouldn't have gotten any second chances after being called out and not having a really smooth way to work with it. I mean, I didn't totally start acting retarded, but my game was off and I was back in logical AFC mode trying to defend myself. And that can't be good.

          In this case, the girl seems likely to have called you out no matter what your opener was, situational or not. She just knew that pickup artists come with a question. Maybe I used the word "opinion" or maybe I really wasn't playing it well enough to make it look like I really spontaneously and sincerely wanted their opinion. Although I was very curious to know it.

          What do you do in this case? I was thinking, how would a PUA navigate that, but then I thought no, that's bad, she knows how a PUA would navigate, and doing so will only tip her off more, and so I had an excuse to revert to AFC mode.


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            There are PLENTY of good openers. You just have to ask a question they want to answer, that interests them.

            No, you can't run the stuff from the VH1 show. Yes, you have to ground your openers.

            Yes, you can make up your own, but it's important (especially when you're just starting out!) to PREPARE material ahead of time. That way you don't have to think about it, you can dodge AA, and you'll be fine.

            I've written this before and I'm sure I'll write it again, but it's really quite simple:

            It's GOOD if you get called out on this stuff - because it gives you a hook for a conversation.

            Your response is, "My girlfriend and I were talking about this stuff, and we couldn't figure out if it would work or not, so we decided I had to try it out. Guess it doesn't work that well, huh?" Then you can start talking about PUA stuff, do guys use it a lot on her? (Pretend to be a neophyte even if you're not.)

            A girl making a big deal out of it is testing you - she's seeing if you have some backbone, or if you're going to slink away like a coward. If you wither under her assault on your opener, then you've DLV'd yourself in a major way.

            On the other hand, if you can shrug it off and come back with what amounts to a second opinion opener ("What do you think of this DHV stuff?") then you're going to engage her in a conversation which is probably not one she's used to having with guys in clubs - that's a WIN for you.