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  • I just lost my target after she met with my exs

    Now my two exs had been working in the same place for quite sometimes. Accidentally, my target happened to meet them. Only God knows why but we all have the same friend, so I learned about this incident later.

    No calls or texts from her for almost a week now. She also ignored me when I ran into her a few times.

    I have to admit that those two are the reason why I am here. I was being needy and that was enough of a shit to drive them away. Now my friends at my workplace are getting wrong ideas as well. Not always good to be a stranger in a strange land, gossips travel fast, especially among our groups.

    This forum and the many books teach me to shrug it off. But it's annoying sometimes.

    I ran my games with girls from different cliques so it's not related. But how do I get out of this social frame?

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    Another good reason to treat women well enough that, even when they're your exes, they'll speak well of you to strangers.


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      Hotspur is right, remember the motto: "Leave them better than when you found them"


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        You've got to manage your own reputation. FULL STOP

        Not everyone is going to like you just like you don't like everyone. FULL STOP

        If someone is going to judge you without getting to know you, what the fuck do you care? FULL STOP

        As has already been posted, so long as you are treating everyone in your life with respect, you have nothing to worry about. Just be yourself. As these people get to know you better, you will either prove the rumors (whatever they may be) true or false. If they chose to not get to know you based on what they have heard, that's their choice and there's NOTHING you can do about it so there's no point driving yourself crazy about it.

        Use this as a learning experience. If you don't want this sort of thing to happen to you, make sure that you are dealing with people honestly and with respect and then NO ONE will be able to speaking badly about you. PERIOD.


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          Thanks. That was refreshing. I need someone just to hit my head and tell me to move on.