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  • What to do for Prom

    Hi Guys Its prom season and i dont have a date do you guys have any solid prom game i can use.

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    Dude it's really no different than picking up a girl in any other situation. Hell, I'd say that even a canned opener about having an older sister that wants to get a tattoo of somebody's name on something like that would work.
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      well i got on my TV broadcasting system for my school and asked her out that way
      i DHVed my entire school!
      ahah it was great


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        Wow man, can't help you there. Honestly proms are bullshit, I'm 28 now and it's so funny what a big deal I made out of it then and how it's such a tiny thing after high school. Personally, I went with a friend and threw a killer party afterwards that everyone came to and got laid with somebody else's date. I don't think a prom date is the same as a girl you're trying to pick up. It's a one night thing that sets guys up for foolsmate. Just cuz she said yes to the prom doesn't mean she's saying yes later on to the fucking the guy who asked her is expecting/hoping for.

        I'd be more focused on gaming someone for a shag that night, make your prom night memorable by getting laid with someone else's date, cuz they're probably not fucking the guy that took them to prom.