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  • If she's a musician....

    Ok - giving a secret on musicians because they're usually intelligent, dynamite in bed and Style's past LTR was a guitar player. Being a classical musician I've dated quite a few ladies who are musicians and there is one thing in commone with them all - their hands are sever errogenous zones. The reason for this is that they express themselves through the manipulation of instruments via their hands. Their hands are the energy points that their emotional and artistic expression flows through and thus they have a much higher response to stimulation of the hands and fingers. I brought an organist to near orgasm merely through kissing on and between the fingers of her hand. It's a very innocent touch too and for centuries has been the kiss of harmless "gentemen"...he he he...

    Anyway I like to start at the back of the hand in the traditional kissing a ladies hand thing.... I kiss it quickly once....then again a bit slower....then the third time I kiss it while exhaling through my mouth and nose lettin her feel the warm breath on her hand. I then move to the web of the thumb then over the fingers and finally leading to the web of skin between your fingers. If you touch that skin on your hand you will probably be surprised at how sensitive it is. It rarely gets touch (which is uncommon for hand skin) and thus is highly responsive to direct stimulation. I end it with grazing the tip of my tongue across the "slit" between her fingers moving to the web of her finger. Take it slow to this point or it will feel very weird to her - aka why are you licking my hand? Not too much saliva and very definitely a gentle lick. Again, it's totally innocent hand kissing but she's going to feel it on her hands...but all she will be thinking about us your tongue on her other slit.

    Have fun with it.


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    I totally agree with this. I am also a musician as well as an art student. The women that I am surrounded by love to have their hands massaged.

    One of my current girls is a ballet dancer. The same concept applies. Her legs and feet are big time areas that get my rub down.

    And then, as I massage up her thigh, WHOOPS!


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      Hmm I know a few musicians this seems intriguing ill need to try this sometime. -- TruTh


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        Originally posted by -TruTh- View Post
        Hmm I know a few musicians this seems intriguing ill need to try this sometime. -- TruTh
        Get ready for the best handjob of your