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  • She's mine....but not quite

    First off, I would like to say, I genuinely believe I'm in a pretty shitty situation and would welcome your input, and here's why.

    I've known this girl for quite some time now, and have always seen her as out of my league even though we vibe really well. I think the main problem is that she (HB9:HBtears), while extremely prude, is a natural alpha, so it's always a battle of frames with her. Prior to my community exposure, she would always win, ergo no attraction. With that said, even when we started spending a lot of time together about a week ago, I had the intention to move slowly with her since I wasn't completely sure how well the interaction would go if it turns sexual, and I've got a couple options open for booty calls so I wasn't in a hurry. But this is how the progression went.

    Day 1: Make out for a really long time, LMR, fully clothed during the entire ordeal

    Day 2: Make out for a really long time, clothes came off, played with cootch, LMR

    Day 3: full close

    Problem was, immediately after she orgasmed, she starts crying...

    Me, thinking she's just another sobber, tried to brush it off by saying it was normal, and that I've known tons of other girls that cry when they have sex, and it was nothing to be embarrassed about. Turns out that, me, in my infinite wisdom, was dead wrong. And here's the story.

    She hasn't slept with that many guys, and apparently is still not completely over her last "relationship", however short lasting it was. Now this guy AFCppua (AFC-possibly pua), while seemingly afc, is in my opinion, fully aware of what he's doing. When he realized that he was losing attraction with the girl, he immediately took initiatives to break off the relationship with HBtears. Initially, HBtears didn't really saw a lot of attraction for this guy because she knows that she's well above his league, but as soon as he broke up with her and pulled LJBF, she becomes obsessed with AFCppua. While she's still not attracted to him, she starts having doubts. Logically, she sees her sudden desire for his attention as the result of this inexplicable obsession of how this inferior male come to break up with [I]her[/I], so the table turned. AFCppua began his freeze out, which spanned the course of several months, then started re-initiating contact and started saying how he wants to see her again...etc.

    Through their reinstated interaction, HBtears remains skeptical and claims that she's trying to maintain a cold indifference towards him, it is clear that he is mind fucking her, she's thinking about him, and has become VERY confused. She knows that she wasn't attracted to him when they were together, and she knows that the reason she's intrigued by him is because he's actively putting her in this situation, so she comes to me and asks me help her counter-game AFCppua. She realizes that she is being fucked with in the head, but sees no other way of getting out of it other than literally turning him into the hopelessly beta little puppy that was madly in love with her, so that she will naturally lose attraction. Since they're no longer actually together, a boyfriend destroying pattern doesn't really do much, but it still bothers me that while we're in a MLTR, and I'm the only person she's seeing, my girl is being fucked with by some beta male. I know this is probably just me being territorial, but I don't see this as something that I can let go, even though it is clear that I've got the girl and she's into me.

    So boys, it's game time!
    Ideas, inputs, questions, concerns, fire them away, because the more brain storm power I got, the sooner a solution should emerge.

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    Hey sorry if this is not relevant to your post, but do you speak french ? because your name is in french. and if you do, are you in the area of montreal by any chance?