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  • I need help desperately!!!!!!

    Hey I hope I am putting this in the right spot, I wasn't sure to put it in relationship or online dating. Well here's my story. I have been talking to this girl for like 3 years online, and I have decided to go travel and see her this summer, we are getting along well and everything was going fine until about a week ago. She has this guy friend who she likes to hang out with recently she told him about me and since he has been doing everything he can to undermine me. First he tried to get her to have a threesome with him and his ex gf. When that didn't work he started bad mouthing me, saying she can't trust me and that she doesn't know what she is doing blah blah blah, basically trying to play the concerned friend card, which I think is total bs! When I heard this I reacted badly and got angry. I know it was the wrong thing to do but I just couldn't help myself. This was earlier today, and we ended the conversation on good terms, but I know if I keep screwing up I am gonna lose this amazing girl! Please if anyone can help me I will be forever in your gratitude.

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    Well, you got it right, so just chill. Never mind what he does or sais, all that matters is what she thinks of you.
    I have bad experiences with long distance relationships, maybe it's different for you. If all seems right, ignore him and go for it. I'd say, don't expect too much, when you meet it's a whole different story, as you'll find out.
    If the guy gets you too paranoid you're gonna fuck up.


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      You are right about acting unreasonable. The girl has to choose between you and her friend. Talk to her. Gently talk to her about your concerns and tell her that don't believe what anyone says because you know me and your friend doesn't know me. So don't judge me. Tell her how special she is for you. Take her to a nice dinner and express your feelings and clear her that you reacted only because you didn't want to lose her and this is not normal.