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  • Russ jente

    Hey all,

    Just a 'what to do' here.
    My girl lives in Norway and I live in England, and we have been with eachother a year, seeing eachother a fair bit (once every 2 weeks) and she used to be CRAZY in love. When we are together it is AMAZING.

    Just recently she is on this thing called 'Russ' where they party a fair bit, hang out, drink alot etc. I have just gone to Israel for a month (arrived yesterday) and she went to some place. I asked her just to let me know if she was safe etc at night, and she didnt before so I was dissapointed. She left her phone at my house by accident last week, she doesnt actually have one. Again last night she didnt, just got an email this morning saying sorry etc etc, hope you had a good night (doesnt seem to care what Ive been up to or how I am these days)

    Now I am wondering how to react to this, it seems as though the Russ is more important in her life (for another 2 weeks) and to just give her space, or if she has met some boy she likes and is trying to drive us apart. Last time she came (last week) she brough shit loads of stuff over here, because she has booked a ticket to england on August to move with me.

    Wondering to ask her at the risk of sounding Beta, just reduce contact, or what??