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    Hi guys, total noobie here looking for some advice on getting an online close with (what seems like) a hot lead at the moment (feel free to give your opinions on the validity of that statement later ).

    Apologies in advance for my debriefing as much of the PUA 'situational awareness' isn't yet hard wired into my brain so I won't be able to break it down into the concise meaningful chunks you guys do, maybe someone can help with that. Anyway here goes:

    [B]Pre-face:[/B] I've basically cloned Bravo's profile method, so headline is 'kind of an arsehole', the about me basically specifies that I'm looking for someone who breaks the mold of the girls in my area, DHVs slightly about my career, has a slight bit of chick crack with the mention of The Secret and then finishes with list of bullet points specifying girls who shouldn't contact me such as strippers, barmaids, aspiring glamour models etc that imply pre-selection. Okydokey.

    [B]Step 1:[/B] I see a girl on myyearbook and notice she's a native english speaker, so I open with 'Finally an english native, seems like everyone's russian on here. Not that I have anything against russians, I'm just not looking to set up a relationship based on a contractual agreement and the exchange of money '. Somehow I knew this was going to get her attention.

    [B]Step 2.[/B]It got her attention, she repies

    [b]Her:[/b]'well that's one way to start a convo on here, but it made me laugh so how are you?'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'I'm good thanks except all the rain, what's with this endless rain?! How bout you, how you doin'?'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'I'm doing ok thanks, training hard but as you said the rain is crap so haven't been running much' (blatant DHVs from her not fully aware of what that means yet when coming from a girl, possibly insecurity?)
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'ooh training, are you an athlete of some sort?'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'i'm a dancer but want to try for the champs but want to make sure I'm 100% ready'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'wow, I've never met a girl with proper dancing skills' (I then DHV about the kind of bodyweight training I do (theres a pic to back this) and also suggest that it might be good for a dancers body and I recommend a book to her'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'I will have to look for that book' (btw I now it's subtle but what is this, her trying to gain a sort of approval or her giving it?)

    **at this point I manage to bump into my cooker door and smash the glass so I start to multi-thread about that and her dancing which keeps the convo going for a bit and we laugh**
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'The amount of glass chips is insance So what kind of dancing do you do?'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'lol .tango and modern jive. Are you sure you only knocked it, it sounds like you really crashed into it (the door)'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'hey, what are you insinuating :P. I'll be honest I have no idea what modern jive is but tango is cool. I'd like to learn that' (a somewhat AFC agreeable statement but hold on a sec)
    [b]Her:[/b] 'I can teach you if you want' (ch-ching! )
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'That would be cool, a man's gotta now how to move'
    [b]Her:[/b] '..and not break the oven :-P'
    Sobot 'Oi!'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'lol, i'm sorry'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'It's ok, you're funny, I'm glad I messaged you'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'Really? x'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'Yeah you're a nice girl, real friendly, I like that'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'i'm not to keen on your profile name tbh because it doesn't describe you at all you're not an arsehole' (the profile's working!)
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'Haha, well maybe I am:P' (didn't know how to respond here)
    [b]Her:[/b] 'cool, but i disagree i think you're funny and sweet'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'aw thanks you're going to make me blush lol jk '
    [b]Her:[/b] 'lol'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'right well i'm going to clear up this mess and then workout but I am going to message you later is that cool' (an attempt at creating scarcity)
    [b]Her:[/b] 'yeah of course its ok speak later hun'
    [b]Sobot:[/b] 'cool, it's been nice talking to you. Don't forget about our tango lesson!'
    [b]Her:[/b] 'I won't forget and it was great to talk to you too x'


    So what now? How do start this back up later and lead it towards a date. I'd really like to meet this girl.

    Thanks if you read all that shit btw

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    You need to flirt.

    Well, I think you should start "[B]Flirting[/B]".

    At this point you are having a simple friendly conversation. She definitively finds you attractive but you have to start doing the moves here. She is given IOI's such as: "I can teach you" or when she called you "Hun".

    All you need to do is to, start using flirting lines, credit to Reinassain, who has the best "Flirting Article I ever read". For example:

    If she says something awkward or just anything weird, take advantage of that to neg her and flirt at the same time. For example:

    If she says something like.
    She: "I am very sociable but sometimes I am a bitch".
    You: "Wow really. You just confused me with that cute face, note to self, do not date this girl". ")

    Note the happy face at the end to calibrate the IOD with a IOI.