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How many scripted messages a day,can you send on PoF,as my account got deleted? Page Title Module
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  • How many scripted messages a day,can you send on PoF,as my account got deleted?

    I was wondering if anyone has had this ever happen to them, as I hadn't sent out any offensive, harassing messages or photos and on April 1, I wasn't able to log into my PoF account, because PoF's system had deleted it and banned my IP address as well. Like I re-registered and the account got deleted.

    I know they'll delete you if you just send cut and paste messages out, but while I do that, depending on what's said in a lady's profile, I'll always try personalising it up as much as possible, depending on what a lady says, so messages sent, aren't always the same.

    I probably EMailed about 20-25 women before my account got deleted, but not all at once, but in a staggered manner over 1 day, so it's not like I was spamming. It may be more sensible to send only 5 new messages out in the day and 5 out at night, each day. Where I differ, is I always try to personalise things up in messaged as much as possible, depending on what a lady says in her profile. If her profile says hardly anything, it warrants a fully scripted message. PoF do say they'll delete your account if you send out cut and paste messages, but they forget what a total numbers game online dating is.

    I got a stock formatted reply back from PoF, where they said they banned my account and have also banned me from re-registering again and they don't want to tell me the reason why.

    PoF's terms are extremely vague about how many scripted messages you can send out a day and they don't clearly tell you on their site, but I'm guessing it isn't more than 10 or 12.

    - Hello, Thank you for taking the time to email After a recent review of your account and activity on, we have decided to close your account. We will not disclose specific details regarding your account’s closure. Most commonly, account closures are a direct result of a violation of our Terms and Conditions regarding misrepresentation of personal information.

    We may also close an account due to complaints about your correspondence, profile content, or for any other reason as stated in our Terms and Conditions. If you would like to review our Terms and Conditions, you may do so by clicking on the following link:


    The closure of your account is permanent and any future accounts will be automatically detected and deleted by the system.
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    Don't worry about that dude

    POF is not that good after all. I opened my account in February and
    just haven't recieved many responses from girls there. I don't know
    if it's b/c of the area I'm in right now or it's b/c the amount of AFC's
    ruining the game for us and everybody else, guys who keep hitting
    on girls all the time and they get tired.

    Last time I sent out a copy & paste test message 10 times in a period
    of just about 5 minutes so I'm guessing it wasn't b/c you sent too
    many messages.
    I'm guessing one of the girls got annoyed by sth you wrote there
    and reported you as an abuser, spammer or sth. But don't worry,
    after all POF isn't the last free online dating site in the world so
    try other ones.

    If you still want to get a shot at it after all they've done to you,
    you can try logging in from an ipod or laptop at a starbucks, somewhere
    where they can't track you and register as a different screenname
    and change your city to a nearby city.
    Upload some more new pics of you they can't recognize.
    That should do the trick.