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  • A new tested online opener!

    It's really crazy haha

    This works the best in my country. Non of the other online openers worked that good. The hamster opener never got a reply!!! Cool country ha?

    Here it is:
    "When to put the softener into the washing mashine, before I start it or before it's done/in the middle of the washing/while washing?"

    I think this will work in a club too, but never tried it. It's realy kind of like the dental floss opener. People put the softener in the laundry both ways

    I don't know if the laundry softeners are popular in every country!

    Let me know if it worked for you.
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    Won't work in night game unless you really root it.

    Useful in day game...

    And you don't really need openers online.


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      If you don't need openers online, how you start a conversation then?
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        It's pretty corny to genuinely come off like you care about your laundry when you're out 'having fun' IMO... Anything works, if said by the right guy though.

        Edit: Apparently the floss opener was a joke Style did at a bootcamp where he'd say "you can open with ANYTHING, watch this"... and some guy saw and posted it online as this "awesome style opener" and now it's famous lol


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          I had 2 conversation with this opener because I did the transiotion properly. I've lost the conversation right after I started to ask personal questions. It's easy to open with this opener on a dating site, I just can't do the A3 stuff.
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            I do a lot of online gaming currently.

            And Openers are important.

            Without a good opener you may no even get a response.

            Not heard of the hamster one.

            The ones I use are about 1000 times more complex then the one you posted though, and I usually get a good paragraph back, depending on age and intelect of the girl.

            And I got about 3 or 4 follow up messages, the same ones I use every time.

            Sometimes It jsut takes one before a good convo starts (the kind that lead to numbers)

            Sometimes I use them all, and have attraction and commfort, possibly trust, before even leaving Myspace/Email/w/e and going to a messenger(preferable) or straight to phone game.

            and their great openers and such

            in fact their almost like online patterns, and i dont even do that pattern shit.

            But I didnt come up with them.

            so i can't share

            plus id hate them going mainstream.

            I'll tell you guys this though, Myspace is by far the easiest way to do online game.

            IF any of you have anything to offer, like maybe a tradE?, I can give you my complete list.

            I have actually called Tamara, The lead singer of Lucid Nation, using this.

            Later guys.

            Good luck.



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              Tyler uses these types of openers and seems to love them - I used a salad opener last night and the girl said "what do you think of the most random things to say to people?" - that didn't phase me one bit but be ready for stuff like that. I just keep going with what I was saying - this is where confidence and inner game comes in.

              The reason JG worked SO well (I have never used it because I dont like it for some reason) is because girls LOVE talking about that shit. With these random openers you need to hook and attract with how you act AFTER you deliver the opener because you will get push back. That has been my real life experience. That said just don't supplicate and the set will be open!



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                Did you mean openers for things like facebook, or myspace? If so, then yeah you need an opener. However....this isn't really a good opener to use on those either as it lacks that...I don't know. The vibe of playfulness and mystery that gets them hooked to a message.

                I thought you were talking about MSN, Yahoo, etc.


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                  What percentage of response do you get with this? I've experimented with a number of openers and found one of the best in terms of percentage response was the simple "What did you want to be when you were six?" I found the odds improved considerably though when I added some other little piece of wit as an intro.

                  My general approach was, make it short, they aren't going to read much on the first message. Give them something to respond to, a question is the way I tend to go. Don't bother introducing yourself, they'll read your profile, which, by and by, your profile is important for that very reason. Don't ever ask more than one question in a message.


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                    listen, the best opener for only game is

                    I want to talk to the deepest part of who you truly are.

                    It isnt mine, a friend wrote it, but you won't find a better one anywhere.

                    its seriously awesome.


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                      I find one that gets replies every time are

                      "My my, aren't you very mysterious there is practically no information on here telling me about the real you at all, I suppose Ill have to make a personality up for you [cold reading] am I close?"

                      100% success rate so far.


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                        Dating sites and Myspace are two different things! At least in my country. They write in there profiles stuff like that: "I'm not here to find boyfriends, but because it's fun!!!", haha, yeah I'm sure

                        An HB8 is like a famous chick in US. In a six million country how many HBs there are? 10 maybe 20 000, they think they're the big deal man, and it's normal to be like that! Half of them maybe know each other. Every time you open with things near pick-up and you're out, only neg openers and some opinion openers are working.

                        Yesterday I opend 3 Myspace chicks with the hamster opener and a bikini model with the softener
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                          Originally posted by megadirt View Post
                          I find one that gets replies every time are

                          "My my, aren't you very mysterious there is practically no information on here telling me about the real you at all, I suppose Ill have to make a personality up for you [cold reading] am I close?"

                          100% success rate so far.
                          I tried it on the dating site, 100%, but not with my profile, I used one really good looking guy's profile. I'll try it with mine and will report.

                          Almost everyone reply with "You allmost got it". What is a good reply to that?
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                            Cool man keep me posted. I havent quite got the hang of the second half yet, usually something like "oh you mean you aren't [positive cold read point, eg. friendly] what's the most interesting thing i left out?"

                            From time to time I get like 2 word answers, keep posting back until you stop getting replies, I got rejected 3 times, then one day got "hey Megadirt, my names Christine btw, I can't help but like you ...blah blah" The pereseverence is very attractive.

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                              It's 50% allready witch is normal I think. One replied me "Blah blah blah, and I'm not romantic". I replied her: "too bad, that's one of the best free things in life. What is your favorite quality you can change romantic with?"

                              HAHA, I know it's stupid but it's like a chat here, not e-mail and I don't have the time to think of something funny.

                              Think of a reply for that.
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