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  • Any advice on gaming an Ex via texts???

    The Ex sent me an e-mail yesterday out of the blue apologizing for ruining our relationship and said she took all the responsability for destroying it. The heading said, "Please read but don't reply".......

    Ummmmm okay!!!! We spoke a little on the phone afterwards and it was nice to talk again. I told her I had to go cause it was too easy to talk to her and didn't feel right.

    Now I want to slip back in but as smooth as possible. So I want to start with a few texts... Maybe an e-mail?

    Any idea's on an approach style or how to go about this?

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    I got a reply from her that said "yes it was. Take care of yourself."

    How do I respond to that?


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      Delete her number and e-mail, and go sleep with 10 different women.

      Only way to get over one-itis


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        Dude, find another girl. She CLEARLY doesn't want to talk to you anymore, so don't even waste energy on her.


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          Funny you guys said that. I had that apiphany the other night and did just that! Not up to 10 yet......LOL!!


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            i want to share something with you and its simple, Dont get back with an ex! i ve done it several times and i ve regreted everytime i am currently back with an ex now and its very bad because at first she said it was all her fault too then over time it became my fault and now i wanna get rid of her cos of her stinking attitude she was all nice and friendly then became a total bitch her throws it in my face that we broke up and got back together!
            my last gf we broke up she claimed she was pregnant we got back together then she cheated with a mate then claimed she left him and slept with me just to get him jealous! Dont get back with an ex!! you broke up for a reason and the reason never changes. she may be nice at first then it disappears because she'll get bored of you again or find a new plaything or you're there to bide her time til she finds someone she thinks is better


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              common man! look at you! look at yourself..!
              you're in a pussy trance!
              snap outta it, whoever your ex is..OBVIOUSLY she IS NOT the one..i mean lets say just for the sake of sayin..that you DO somehow WOO her guys still broke up so the relationship will not last..there isnt any ACCEPTABLE reason for why she did wat she did and if u can manage to get good at the game and get like at least 3 FBs then she'll think ur more attractive and ironically..u wont be attracted to her mediocre ass
              i know this was a raw post but somebody had to say it, dont 'slip back in smoothy' fck all that get some excellent tale and IGNORE her even IF she 'seems' attracted..thats how they snare u
              but..maybe im crazy and ur right
              do wat u do


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                aaaaaaaaahhh fuck it text her, but not in the fact that if she dosnt reply she'll think shes got the power over you. Text her.. "Your such a dork, where is your off button. Stop texting me or Ill kick your ass missy! x" you got to treat anything she does like she was a fuckin rat chewing at your heart. pestering for it, spray her with some rat kill!


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                  Don't txt her or get back to her. Be the Ghost (refer to Revelation).

                  She probably needs a self esteem boost and shot you an email hoping and assuming you'd chase after her. Stay strong and stay the course. Don't look back. Revenge is useless, and there are plenty of women out there that out rank her in beauty and every other characteristic.

                  There's no point in being in the community if you're gonna devalue yourself.

                  I highly recommend all the info about being the Ghost from revelation.

                  She's feeling bad... well whatever. It's over. Yeah its cool. Thanks for the apology. Good luck and I wish you the best. Oh whats that over there... wow that's a great painting (haha @ LD's imitation of Mystery)

                  Best of luck bro.