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    Hello Everyone,

    Personally, I feel storytelling is the hardest, I know there is so much imagination in the mind, but you want to make it believable as well. I read the one in the book "burning man" but are there other examples...for every story you can always use variations so its good to have more than one.

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    Tell stories that are real, just emphasize certain highlights and tell them in dramatic form.


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      I've never thought of myself as a good storyteller, but from the responses and compliments I get from people, apparently I am

      Myth is right. Tell real stories and give the highlights in an animated way. Use your tonality to take them through a roller coaster of emotions. Choose your words carefully as many of them carry different vibes (positive and negative) and can change the way your story comes across.

      Read comic books aloud as if you were reading to a child. Make the sound effects too. I use them all the time. Sometimes my audience will laugh at me. When I ask what's so funny, their response is usually along the lines of "You're so into it, but it's cool cuz it makes the story that much better."


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        You could also pick up a book on improvisation to help with your delivery, transitioning, and material development. Any bookstore should have one for less than $20.


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          I’m a writer. So storytelling is probably my best PU attribute. I think I can give you some advice. (I'm actually writing an article for a men's magazine on how to tell a good story). I studied all kinds of literature in graduate school and one thing I found fascinating (as it relates to pick up) is when oral stories were recited (think Beowulf, Iliad, etc.), the bard didn’t necessarily have the story completely memorized. It was more improvisational, but once his audience started getting bored (these guys were crazy calibrated), they’d immediately launch into “stock” material they know would pique interest.

          How does this relate to telling a DHV story?

          Have some “riffs” you know are funny. For example, weird characterizations are always good. Just take two things that seem incongruent and combine them. Extra points if you make a pop-culture reference. Some examples: “…these three chicks were all totally stoned, acting like female versions of Snap, Crackle, and Pop”, “…guy looked like a chubby vampire, man-boobies and all”, “…this dude was like Zack Morris’ twin if Zack contracted herpes from Kelly and his lips broke out with pussy mouth sores”. You get my point.

          Another great way to add punch to your stories is use bizarre adjectives. As you may have noticed in my example, using “man” as a descriptor always gets a laugh i.e. “man boobies, man hair, man love, grizzled man hands”.

          Also, don’t say something was “bad”. Say it was “an atrocity” or “an abomination”. Don’t say “he looked surprised”, say “he had this flabbergasted look on his fat, stupid face”. (Oh, quick oration tip: With big words, use pauses with syllables…example: there’s a line in The 40 Year Old Virgin where someone says “You ladies are hilllllll-a-rious”. Funny, do it!)

          Ordinate language isn’t pretentious, it’s a DHV.

          Finally, plotting your story is crucial. I really recommend starting with a hook and ending on a philosophical idea (especially something that reverses a frame). For example, maybe I’ll tell a story about how these three ugs wouldn’t leave me alone at the bar (if you’re telling a story about how girls hit on you, don’t say it was 3 hot strippers or it’s gonna seem try hard…the DHV spike comes with the humor in really playing up how gross/aggressive the chicks were and, of course, as more advanced PUAs probably noticed, the obvious frame-shift). Here’s how I’ll start: “Wow! I just had some serious DRAMA! These three fugly creepers wouldn’t leave me alone! Even after I tried my bathroom bail, these girls were just waiting for me…like a pack of hungry wolves...I swear…all you girls think about is one thing!”

          If a girl doesn’t BEG YOU to tell this story after dangling that kind of bait, she’s either a lesbian or a man…

          Finally, signal the story’s over but leave an open thread by saying something like, “Well, I guess these girls at least had some class…I mean they DID buy me a drink…chivalry isn’t dead after all.” Of course, the girls will fight you on this and claim it’s the guys job to buy the drinks blah blah blah... (DON'T AGREE WITH THEM...This gives you a perfect opportunity to show you have a strong frame and that you’re the PRIZE.)

          Be funny, have sound bites, always be ready with a hilarious story to hook EVERY set.

          If people have questions, want more tips or whatever, hit me up with a PM. I’m happy to give advice but I’m afraid if I post some of my BEST routines, somewhere along the line some chick I used it on will see it…or even worse: some PUA parrot will tell a girl one of my stories verbatim and then when I go to use it I’ll get accused of stealing and canning my own material…(true the odds of this are slim, but I’d rather only share my secrets with people who care enough to PM me…)
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            for me the hardest thing is not the storytelling as itself, it`s more an intelligent linking to them....i know i could break in with any story...but sometimes i just want a good link to come up with a certain story. not like: "hi. my name`s colin...i was in china a week ago where i....."

            the hardest is to come up with a link to a certain it won`t look like you try to brag or that you try to tell a certain story.

            remember: the CONTENT doesnt really matter, its the art of storytelling, even if you talk kinda can hook up with some girls.


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              Originally posted by Myth View Post
              Tell stories that are real, just emphasize certain highlights and tell them in dramatic form.
              Thats really all there is to it.


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                Originally posted by Colin View Post
                the hardest is to come up with a link to a certain it won`t look like you try to brag or that you try to tell a certain story.
                Whenever they are responding to the screen/hoop you've given them, pick a word or phrase they've used to cut the thread and tell your own 2 minute story.

                Three things that you will acheive:

                1. You are once again leading the conversation with positive frame

                2. You DHV by telling a short, 2 minute story about your own interesting experience (or one you completely improv)

                3. You're showing commonalities (and a congruent state) because your story is 'similiar' buy using her own words to start the new conversation thread.

                You're not bragging, you're going under her ASD and rewarding her for 'good behavior' by telling her something about you.