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  • A Girlfriend of mine needs advice


    A girlfriend of mine had a friend that is a dude but he wants something more. And she has been saying she just wants to be friends the whole time. She hasnt not got involved sexually or emotinally with him. Here is the messages... NEED RESPONSES!!!
    He is doing the AFC moves "Youre beautiful and gorgeous and all that AFC stuff."
    HIM: you mean a lot to me too, more than i ever would have thought but i dont want to let you down again, im sorry to hear your off my page now i hope it's for a good reason it would be a a shame to lose everything we built together just cause your scared to take a chance on me. either way i cantt wait around forever and ive got to move on and do my own thing.
    HER: Fair
    HIM: Fair?? thats it? im so fucking pissed right now. are you even going to tell me what went wrong that day at my house that you just walked ou tof my life without saying a word?

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    She should tell him that she is not interested, clearly and explicitly. i.e. "I'm not interested in a relationship with you and i don't ever see that changing." Then cut off all contact with him. Anything less and he'll cling to hope for a LONG time, and possibly get obsessed.


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      Im with Nels on that one, poor guy though. Link him the forum or something. He clearly needs some advice.


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        Your girlfriend should let him know,she is love you very much,and no one else.And leave alone him for a while.