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  • What is she doing??

    Ok well, I met her as one of my sisters friends, and we started getting along great. She is all over me, giving me hugs the entire time, hanging on me, giving me compliments and even when I am in bed she gets in with me and holds me while I play with her neck and hair. She likes to bite me, and I do the same, biting her softly in the neck and so forth. I took these as IOI's, and yesterday I tried kissing her, she was in my arms, looking straight into my eyes with a smile, I moved in, and just before our lips met she turned her head, with my kiss landing on her cheek.

    I do not understand, she is all over me and cant stop touching me, but as soon as I invite her over, she never replies my msgs, why is this?? I am sooo confused, the IOI's is flowing out of her, and yet she didnt kiss me?

    Any advice would really help, do not hold back!

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    I got her!!

    Ok well, I have some good news, I managed to get her.

    My sister had a couple of friends over tonight, and naturally they wanted me to be there, so we were all sitting in the room and then I start to work.

    HB8 wanted to hug me and I said I am not feeling it tonight punishing her for not replying to my msg. She then decided to ignore me, I did the cube routine on one of her friends, demonstraiting higher value, the routine won over the crowd, and everyone started to drum around me. With a neg here and there to the target she finally decided to stop ignoring me since I was paying no attention to her, and came to sit between my legs to have me once again start playing with her neck as like many times before. I started using kino on her, being reluctant at first and pushing the target away just an inch. I started playing with her neck eventualy keeping nothing in my mind to let my touch be neutral. I then started escalting, going caveman, letting my touch be filled with sexual desire wich I knew she had picked up on.

    I suddenly stopped and in an instant she asked me why did I stop, I told her that this is a give take relaintioship and at the moment she isnt giving me anything. She fell onto me with her back against my chest between my legs. She takes my arms and starts playing with them, and all of the sudden bites me, and I encouarge her to bite harder telling her that it has no effect on me (I have a hole on my arm now haha) but I kept my cool showing strength.

    She moves back in front, I tilt her head and start biting playfuly in her neck, causing her to get goosebumps everywhere. I stop and say I want her opinion on something earlier we spoke about (my sisters birthday gift) but she cant stay long because I am tired.

    We go up to my room and I pick her up, she gave the exact same look taen she had before and I kissed her, we started making out like crazy, with me pushing her onto the bed and starting to play downwards, she goes for it and it excites her even more, I go up biting her in her neck and we start making out again, hard and fast, but when I tried to remove her top, she said no, and I remember to just say yes I think it is going to fast as well, and then try again later, but she gets up and says she has to leave, giving me a kiss goodbye.

    My problem I think was I escalated too fast, not push pulling and her not having to work for it a little. What do you guys think? Is there anything I could have done different? And if so please explain, and give some tips, I am after all new here and eager to learn, thanks. Also any comments on the previous post will also help.


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      Sounds about right. Is she young?

      as an aside.. last month I tried kissing a girl 7 times before I finally got a halfassed kiss full of teeth from her. yes.. 8 times in total...

      Then two days later she comes over and an hour later she's naked in my bed. Yep..


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        Haha yes, she is 17, and legal for where I am, but yeah, why do you think she wanted to stop? Am I right about escalating too fast? And if you can give me some advice on how you got the girl naked in your bed from the first kiss?


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          Originally posted by CAPER View Post
          why do you think she wanted to stop?
          Last Minute Resistance...LMR.

          its triggered at different points with different women.

          Am I right about escalating too fast?
          Likely. IMO its more important how you calibrate your escalation rather than how fast you escalate. Soon as I feel that little bit of resistance, I completely let go.

          Dig out your smartphone or iPad.. play a 2 player game.... Then continue to escalate after that's not as fun as making out.

          And if you can give me some advice on how you got the girl naked in your bed from the first kiss?
          Calibrated physical escalation. Like what I said above. With plausible deniability.

          i.e. "This is a good magazine article, you should read this while I give you a massage"


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            Thanks again, I will callibrate better next time


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              Yep yep

              It is just a too much too soon thing. Just build more comfort and qaulify more. No need to jump the gun.


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                Ok, new situation. This morning she was totally distant with me, next to no eye contact and not even 1 word. Not a bye hug nothing. Any advice to proceed??

                I am planning a freeze out. Howing her I am not scared to walk away and making me unobtainable. What do you guys think, good or bad strategy, and as always, advice is always welcome



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                  Its like catching a fish, don't tug the line, you gotta be patient and open, don't be affected by her behavior, don't be reactive.


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                    Thanks man, think I am going to do that one


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                      Back to square one

                      Okay guys, I am back, and sadly nothing has worked, I freezed her out, and she has done the exact same thing. This is killing me, and the thing is, I dont just want to sleep with her, I want her as my gf, do you guys think I should just pass it on, and move on? This is really frustrating to me!!

                      Otherwise, advice would help.

                      Also, any ways to get her alone at my house, so I can spend some quality time with her, refer to my first post, about she not answering my msgs, but since then I have not sent her a single one.



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                        This may sound a bit harsh but you should really ligthen up. Is it messed up that she isn't answering your mgs? maybe. What you have my friend is a serious case of the oneitis. Now, I am not saying that you should never commit to a girl, but you definitely should not be committing to a girl who hasn't given you overwhelming evidence to do so. When you commit and decide you want a girl before establishing rapport, comfort, intimacy, and the like, you set yourself for a vicious cycle where you will intutively start doing the wrong things that will eventually drive the girl away. Like i said in the last post, talk to other girls, come from a stand point of abundance. Only then can the cards be in your hands for you decide where any particular relationship goes.



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                          Thanks man, and not harsh at all, your advice is appreciated