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  • Mystery's Holy Grail Video..

    I have some question when mystery opens a five set: (The girl is kristen)

    when the women touches her, which is an IOI, mystery negged her like: it's 5 bucks everytime you touch.. -why is that? it's like he is punishing the IOI with IOD..What the hell!! - I think he is protecting his EGO and afraid of connection..he should've go for emotional connection after that IOI..

    whenever the women DHV's to him, mystery would always negged her.. like: "Are you trying to impress me now?" - why is that?..he should have dig her from that DHV in order to connect from her emotionally..

    He always go back in A2 and the women is bored..I think that he should've go for emotional connection after he've received IOI and go for the time bridge...he can always go back to A2 in day 2..what is the purpose of DHV'ing for too long if she is already attracted to you?..

    He DHV's with logical conversations like how many days a man...etc..and the women is bored, why is that?..I thought that we should avoid logical conversations at all costs..

    added: he doesn't kino too much, mystery is very laid that advisable?

    can someone enlighten me..

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    He said, on your first question, that women often touch to give value to men.

    Now if a woman touches a high-value man, she is leeching his value. So if mystery doesn't know her enough to give her his value, he pushes her off.


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      Exactly, he's getting her to work harder for his attention and acceptance and its all friendly wordplay anyways, pushing her to touch him again. If he didnt want her to touch him he'd tell her, in simpler terms, to get the Fuck out of here, just like anyone else would. A girl will appreciate acceptance the more she has to work for it. Like buying a car, you'd appreciate and maintain it better if you had to work for it, greater than if it was just handed to you.