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  • Question about the company

    Why did Mystery Method changed to Love System? Did Savoy bought out Mystery's company?

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    Legal issues. Venusian Arts is Mystery's official site and current company.


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      Mystery pretty much got effed in the aye by everyone when pick-up took off.

      He set the basis/standard then everyone Style, TD, etc... help grow the game together to what it is now. They all learned together to whats formed as the M3 today. (the gold standard of pick-up)

      Some how he became an employee of his company instead of an owner and got effed. I'm sure money go in the way. Almost every other "method" is based of that Model.

      I think he didn't have privacy agreements so all of his teachings got exploited and he got pissed at one point. A huge dispute took place and seprated them.

      He got the MM name back eventually, i think. Hence....Love Systems. But he chose to go with Venusian Arts.

      From my understanding, in the begining these guys wern't as good as we like to believe but were better than most and were able to teach it.

      If you look at TD, almost all of his executive coaches have better game than him. ( i hear he has amazing game himeself)

      But because he was at the begining he was able to build his company.

      Same with everyone else. Mystery simply sucked it business wise imo and got taken advatange of.

      I dont think Mystrey started doing bootcamps and stuff to make money etc.. More or less

      "Holy shit, i found out some crazy shit, i got to tell someone."

      oh well,

      Game on whoop whoop


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        Check this out: