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  • Any advice for this weekend?

    So tomorrow my wing and I are going to Rutgers - New Brunswick, for a few parties we got invited to. A couple parties on friday and saturday, and sunday we leave. Now to prepare for this weekend, I studied on some material, but I feel like I need something extra to help me out. Any advice?

    PS. I feel like I would be forced to go just beyond the opener(since I recently got into the game not too long ago). I know a few routines like best friend test, 5 questions, and I do palm reading, but IDK i'm having some stupid scenarios keep popping into my head

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    Since you are fairly new to all of this I would recommend making small goals, such as talking to at least five different girls at each party. It doesn't have to be some huge conversation, but just introduce yourself and be friendly. Don't worry about having some big stacked routine, just get comfortable talking to chicks. Expect to have fun, not get laid.


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      THIS weekend, compared to every other weekend throughout the year, you should have the easiest time opening EVER.

      This is going to be my #1 Opener:

      "[I]Dude, I love your costume[/I]!"

      BAM!!!! Instantly in set!