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  • Hoop point

    here is something that i discovered during my sarging pick-up,we have the hook point.I have discovered something called the hoop point.
    I'll explain...have u realized that during the middle of the interaction:the girl is either going to ask you a question or she's going to walk away.
    it's a simple theory.guess what?!most of the questions they will ask you,the same girl next to you will ask you the same thing depending on the environment you are in.
    When i sarge in my college,during the interactions,most of the girls ask me"what's your course?(major)"..and I was like why do this girls ask me these unnecessary questions,then it hit me,these girls have programmed in their heads to ask a particular question in their head to a guy they find attractive and that my friend is a"hoop point".so,what i did is i programmed a routine to answer that question and turn into something attractive.As soon as she asks me,I will come with my routine response.The funny thing is,the girl will think you were spontaneous but you have prepared for this a long time ago

    when i go to the bar and clubs,most of the girls ask me "what is my name?",and I have a routine for that.that's not all,you need to have a follow-up routine just in case she doesn't ask more questions or start to make a conversation.i can still continue with the attraction without awkward silence.normally,if i finish the routine,i cold read by just looking at her dress and coming out with something spontaneous instead of getting stuck in my head,cause i can do it anytime .(your own might be a role-play or something else, you should be comfortable with and it should look spontaneous)

    your assignment :find a hoop point for your particular environment.
    find a routine answer with a follow-up routine

    to practice your routine,try shadowboxing(learnt that from Bobby Rio),that is imagining the interaction and responding in isolation.Have fun !
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    your hoop point can also be derived from your personality and lifestyle:

    for eg,if you are Brad Pitt,your hoop point will probably be "can i have your autograph ?"

    if you are a rock star,your hoop point will probably be:"what is the name of your rock band ?" and turn it into a routine

    if you go to that grocery store,what is your hoop point?
    if you are in the mall,what is your hoop point?
    if you are in a cinema buying that popcorn,what's your hoop point?and so
    forth and so forth


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      So what's your programmed routine response for what's your major?


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        i told u to do the assignment lol

        ok, here what i do if she asks for my course:

        her:what's your course?
        me:I'll give you a clue,my course teaches us how to confuse people like you to buy
        stuff from us
        me: (I will look at her face as if she's said the most amazing thing ever)
        you really are a smart girl(qualify) and then give her a hi five(kino)

        contingencies: (origin Brad P)
        if she doesn't get it,I'll tell her to keep guessing.i give her
        two chances.if she doesn't i tell her myself giving her a disapproval look that would bring me DHV.(i don't tell her she's not smart)

        however, about 97% of time people are able to get the answer because the clue has been made for them to get it.

        my follow up routine:
        look at her dress,for eg:you are wearing a black scarf,yellow blouse,tight heels,you are quiet friendly and energetic,u look like someone who is doing human resource management.
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          I must have been sleeping when I first read this post but now I get it.

          I definitely have something that is commonly brought up, my piercings. I already have the standard answer but have recently started incorporating some DHV into the routine.

          I agree with your point and if there's something that's always brought up, it's best to have a great story lined up.

          Now I just need to work on speaking a little slower because I know the answer/story so well, I just ramble it out. I have to practice and go half speed.


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            True...let's get feedback from you and learn from it.