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  • text or voice mail response time ???

    This is probably obvious, but I just thought I would throw it out there and see what everyone thinks.

    If a girl responds pretty quickly to a text or voice mail, is it safe to say her interest level is pretty high. Would the converse be true to? If she takes a long time to respond, her interest level is low.

    What do you all think?

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    Yea, but I also think that's pretty general. If she texts back really it could be that you just caught her at a good time. Of course the opposite could also be true.


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      I've heard to never respond to a text quicker that she responded to your previous one.


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        In my experience if they text back quickly it can mean 1 of three things.
        1. They are really interested
        2. They are just your friend
        3. They are a g/f

        My rule of thumb is to ALWAYS wait half an hour before texting back. Anything less than this and you come accross as overeager. That said, as you spend more and more time together your text response time should come down (eg. My g/f and I text each other back as soon as we get the messages - but thats because we are together and not trying to impress eachother by coming accross as busy and non needy)

        Hope this helps


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          I personally wouldn't place too much importance on the timing of receiving text messages. It might convey she's pretty keen OR she just happened to have had her phone with her near the time you've sent the message.

          And on the flipside, if she takes sometime to respond, it doesn't mean she's not interested, she just might have been busy with work, classes, friends etc. I think the message content, rather than the message timing should be a better indication of her interest level towards you....


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            Originally posted by Sexual Chocolate View Post
            I've heard to never respond to a text quicker that she responded to your previous one.
            I'd agree with that, theoretically. What the msg says also matters, as well as the length of the message. Too long and it seems over eager. Sinn once mentioned that you should wait for her response time before replying.

            As a general rule, all rules can be broken, but (1) in general keep to her response time, and (2) you don't send more messages than she sends you, (3), keep the length down, and lastly (4) avoid the needy frame and display higher value.