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  • The Pick-Up Artist was good

    I watched the show from start to finish last night and was pleased with what I saw. A bunch of guys that seemingly have no ability to pick up women. For whatever their shortcomings were.

    Most of this first show was introducing the guys and talking about their problems specifically. There was a bit of infield sarging on behalf of Mystery, Matador and JDog(who impressed me a lot I had no idea who he was before, but I dug his style).

    Mystery pointed out something very important at one point in the show. He said that this is learning really a lot more than picking up women. When I was reading "the game" so many months ago I also started to envision the potential "pick-up arts" could have in so many more areas besides getting laid.

    I thought Mystery and company did a great job. I could recognize all sorts of stuff I've read about in the books. It's gonna be an interesting show and a great watch the next few weeks. If anything, I see the show getting better. I'm excited to see what the mPUA's are going to teach these guys.

    Years of hard work and desire to suceed have carried Mystery to where is now. What we see is his successes, but I guarantee he had a bitch of a time getting here. This is the part that is inspiring to me.

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    I personally thought the show was boring until the end where they were in field.

    Hopefully the other shows get better.


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      I lost the show. Do you know if someone will post it anywhere like youtube ?


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        Originally posted by Labrador View Post
        I lost the show. Do you know if someone will post it anywhere like youtube ?
        Here you go, mate.



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          Pretty cool show so far. Great job guys!


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            It was an awesome show. I can't wait for the rest of the season.

            And while I was watching it I realized that the community probably won't gain huge popularity. Because I think most guys don't think they need help in that area of their life. Most guys, IMO, by seeing the show will think that guys like that are chumps and that they themselves can pick up women just fine. And admitting you are insufficient in that area of your life is probably the hardest part for everyone.