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  • ESP Routines

    Hey, So far i know 5 ESP routines, but only 2 which are decent.... Here they are.

    [B]ESP 1 - Between 1 and 4[/B]
    The most simple, think of a number between 1 and 4, usually is 3

    [B]ESP 2 - Between 1 and 10[/B]
    Think of a number between 1 and 10, usually is 7

    [B]ESP 3 - Between 1 and 50[/B]
    This one is a bit harder, usually is in the 30's somewhere, about 50% of the time its 37

    [B]ESP 4 - Vegetables[/B]
    Ok this is one of the more interesting ones, it works on the principal of accessing one side of the brain a fair bit, then quickly changing sides and giving you an answer (you are asking for the first vegetable that comes into your brain, it is morethen likely carrot). Heres the method i have used and has worked successfully 98% of the time.

    First right down on a piece of paper carrot, as that is the most likely answer, due to its colour. When you switch sides of the brain, it looks to see the most comforting colour possible. This is orange. And basically the only vegetable which is orange is carrot. Other possibilities are pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

    Fire simple mathematical equations at them quickly such as

    Then say "Ok say 6 over and over again till i say stop" - It does not have to be 6, it can be anything

    "STOP, what is the first vegetable that comes into your mind"

    If she says carrot - show her the piece of paper

    If she says something different - say that she is very unique and that is an amazing quality (and then maybe do a freezeout)

    [B]ESP 5 - Grey Elephants in Denmark[/B]

    I usually only use it if i have failed in a different ESP test, as it is VERY effective.

    Think of a number between 1 and 10 - dont tell me
    *she says ok*

    Times this number by 9

    Add the digits of the answer together - This will always result in the answer 9.... so this mathamatical part is foolproof

    Subtract 5 from this answer

    Convert this answer into a letter, say like A=1, B=2 etc.etc.

    Think of a country that starts with this letter (It will more then likely be Denmark, as the only countries which start with the letter D are Denmark, ,Djibouti & Dominica)

    Think of an animal that starts with the second letter of this country say from like a circus or something (this will guarantee it is an elephant, otherwise they could choose echidna or emu which is very common for australians)

    Think of the colour of this animal

    "I just have one more question, have you been drinking much? cause your answer is quite weird, there are no grey elephants in Denmark"... Works like a charm, they always are amazed. HUGE DHV.

    [I]Variation on ESP #5[/I]
    I just thought up of a good variation, many people know the grey elephants in denmark, but do they know the black gorillas in Hungary

    Do the normal think of the number between 1 and 10

    Times by 9

    add digits together

    this time subtract 1 instead of 5

    think of a country - it will almost be Hungary, if they say hong kong later on, bust them by saying that is not a sovereign state)

    Think of a animal that starts with the 4th letter of the country

    think of the colour.

    Basically it has the same layout but a different answer... This has not been used outside of Australia (outside of Adelaide infact )

    Post here and i will update the methods.

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    The Queen of Hearts

    BAsically you tell them to close their eyes and in their mind on a giaint piece of paper to draw/imagine a face card and that this face card is bright and colorful and that once they have that image in there mind to let you know.

    Then you ask them what the card was, now at this point some will argue that you are supposed to guess, You playfully agrue back that you already know what it is and that she should just tell you. (this is if she did not give you the answer you wanted you can just cocky funny it and play it off)

    So she gives you the answer, and you tap your shirt pocket and say maybe you should check this pocket. She then pulls out her card The queen of Hearts.

    Now most women will pick the queen of hearts the majority of the time and guys tend to pick the king of spades. So before you go out put a queen of hearts in your shirt pocket and a king of spades in your wallet. C&F any other answer that you get.


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      [B]Re: The Queen of Hearts[/B]

      When you use the words, "bright and colorful," you're forcing a red card, as black cards have little or no color. It may be a cultural thing, but most men pick Jack of Diamonds in the southeastern US.

      [B]Jack of Spades[/B]

      [I]Another brilliant subliminal force, credited to Derren Brown. A card is freely chosen and is shown to match the card her back pocket.[/I]

      [I]The magician sneaks a card into the spectator's back pocket and subliminally forces the Jack of Spades.[/I]

      Presentation/Patter (instructions in [B]bold[/B]):
      [I]We're going to try a little experiment, and if it doesn't work, that's quite alright, but I need to to really believe for me that this is going to work. Are you happy to do that? It's important that you legitimitely follow along with this and it will work, do you understand?

      On the table is an imaginary deck of cards. If you would, pick them up and shuffle them for me. Excellent, thank you. Now I'd like you to deal the cards onto the table, one at a time, into piles of red and black, saying "red, black, red, black" to yourself as you go ([B]demonstrate this[/B]).

      [B](As they do this, note where they lay the FIRST card--this is the red pile. You instructed them to repeat "red black red black" in their minds as they dealt the cards, which would lead them to place the red card first.)[/B]

      Now you've separated the cards into two piles, red and black, and I couldn't possibly know which pile is which, agreed? Okay, I'd like you to get red of one color, and keep the others. ([B]No, that's not a typo. Say "get red" of one and motion to the red "pile" to suggest that they are to get rid of that one. Also, you tell the to get "red" of a "color", and black isn't a color, now is it?[/B]) Perfect.

      Now take the remaining pile and deal them into two suits--you either have hearts and diamonds or clubs and spades, I don't know which--but deal them out and say it over in your mind as you do so--say "hearts, diamonds" or "clubs, spades" as you deal. ([B]Watch where they lay the first card--that is the "clubs" pile[/B]).

      Excellent, thanks for humoring me with this... Now we're going to eliminate one pile, the klutzes and bums, and keep the other pile, the spare suit, or whichever you prefer ([B]motion to get rid of the clubs. "Klutzes and bums" somehow is reminiscent of "clubs" and "spare" or "favored" will lead to "spades"[/B]).

      Okay, so we're down to one suit. I don't know if you've got Hearts, Clubs, Spades, or Diamonds, but I'd like you to spread these cards out in front of you ([B]motion through the air from your right to your left[/B]). Now you've for some number cards ([B]point to your right[/B]) and some face cards ([B]point to your left[/B]). The Ace we'll count as a number card ([B]point to the leftmost part of the "spread"[/B]). Let's get rid of one category ([B]motion as if you're sweeping away the number cards[/B]) and keep just a few cards ([B]point to the face cards on your left. "A few" means "3"--the three face cards[/B]). Got that? Wonderful.

      Now I'd like you to see these cards in your mind. Get rid of a couple--a pair--for me, and keep one card ([B]picturing three cards in your own mind, indicate that they are to remove the two cards to your left--the king and queen--and keep the one to your right--the jack[/B]). Great, so you've got that? Good. For the first time, what card are you holding? The Jack of Spades? Look in your back pocket.[/I]

      [I]This is a very "soft" effect, meaning there is a lot of room for error. One option is to keep a blank business card in your jacket pocket and to write the name of the card on the back of it (without her seeing, of course) when she reveals her card. "QH" is clearly an abbreviation Queen of Hearts, so you can abbreviate whatever card they happen to be holding.[/I]

      I've gotten this wrong only once over the past two years. It works especially well on drunk people--I can't fathom why. While this may be a little lengthly, it's more than worth it if not for the spectator's reaction for the knowledge that you've got a very suggestible target and you can read her like a book, but I digress.

      This is probably a bit confusing, so I'll shoot a video tomorrow afternoon and post it somewhere so I can give you all a link. If you have any questions, just ask.

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