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    Hi Folks

    I met this chick in Frankfurt last year. Insta attraction, 5 minutes talk (had to go for real) got her number and all, said we'd be in touch.

    Never called her or anything, then out of the blue she sends me an email a few months later. I replied and did'nt ask any open questions.

    A couple of months later she sent me an SMS. I replied, again no open questions etc.

    2 weeks later (intrigued) I called her. She sounded uncomfortable. I asked her if this was a good time, she said she was just going out with friends for dinner, so I said I'd call her back another time. She was quiet, and there was silence for a few seconds, then I said Bye and hung up. I did'nt call her back.

    1 week later (last week) she SMSed & told me she's visiting another country and has a new number there and she wants me to have it. I called her and we talked for about 15 minutes. We were laughing and getting along just great. She was countering my jokes with her own. Almost no boring normal questions like "what do you do ?" etc... She asked me to come visit her, I told her I'd book a flight and hotel and get back to her, since I had to visit the area anyway, I'd be able to see her when I pass through.

    Now we've been SMS-ing each other almost every day. She's about 6500 KMS away. I'm willing to go down there because I have to travel there anyway so I may as well make the trip conincide. BTW she's HOT, HB9. She's rich enough, she's holding a good leadership job in a corp. Not that I care, but to be frank the woman is real and she's got value.

    Only today did the playful flirting msgs stop. I was away for the day and she msged me last night I started replying and could'nt finish because I was in the theatre and the movie started, so I sent the SMS as was with ". . ." at the end. Today I was busy all day but I replied and completed the SMS. For the first time since last week she did not reply INSTANTLY. She always does that. This last SMS was long coz she asked how my weekend was and like most weekends it was PACKED, so I could'nt really reply it was great, period. Also I felt it would be a good opportunity to DHV, wne to Greek ouzeri live music etc, bday bash for a friend, also told her about how I was doing some political analysis on the Middle East situation (AFC ?).

    I've never asked her any direct questions, only in the end of the last SMS I showed interest by "I want to know how you're feeling. I'm reachable on this number in most countries in the world." Said that coz I'm not at home right now and she knows that, wanted her to know that she can still be in touch. The exact same way she showed me her interest when she was out of her hometown.

    I'm wondering if I've been too cold towards her. I did reply her back instantly when I could but I can't do that all day.
    What do you guys think ? Am I getting one-itis or what ? I thought about her a lot as well, most of last week. Which is freakin weird for me coz I hardly kow her, but I already like her. WTF ??? Think I should move into comfort and be more chill and start asking the banal "how was your weekend?" type of questions ? I'm just trying to keep it light till I get there. But I am getting the feeling that I might be losing her interest.

    Please correct any mistakes I've made.

    Thanks for the tips !
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