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  • Why don't they like me, I've got NIMBUS!!!

    Guys need your opinion about all this new RSD stuff. I personally like TD and his old posts, watched some parts of Blueprint, and I liked it... But now this natural stuff doesn't seem to work for me...but I find it pretty funny

    I feel great going out and having NIMBUS, and it's freaking awesome to be in that state... but it just doesn't get me results... but it also makes me don't give a shit about it

    So guys tell me should I stick to improving my delivery, routines etc... or maybe my NIMBUS is broken... maybe it hasn't fully taken over... I need more NIMBUS!!! HELL YEAH... with NIMBUS you can have lame body language, and lame delivery but get a girl! Like Tyler in a club just makeout, makeout, makeout, makeout BULLSHIT!!! Or maybe I'm wrong...

    What do you think??? RSDnation has 20000 active members... maybe NIMBUS actually works? Or it's just inner masturbation bs game...

    Maybe it works for guys with natural talent only? Or after few years of stacking...

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    There are bunch of PUA methods. Were all unique. So some PUA method work better from some, while other pua method work better for other.

    I have met many guys in pick up community and they all use different methods. They do work.

    IF everyone used one method, it would be played out.


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      Personally, I don't like RSD, and find that some RSD guys approached my set, and got disqualified... cuz they are using AMOG approach often... Don't get me wrong, it's just my point of view... I prefer Mystery, even though, now i have kind of my style...


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        Nimbus is awesome, but if you solely have nimbus with no social awareness or calibration, you're going to encounter a lot of difficulties.

        The goal should be to internalize your game so well that you don't have to think about it. This comes with practice. THEN, when you combine internalized knowledge of game with the nimbus state, you'll be seeing a lot more success because you'll have the energy and positivity combined with interesting material, awareness of where you are in the courtship process, and the ability to calibrate properly according to each circumstance. You'll find yourself being able to naturally enter the nimbus state at that point, because everything just flows without thinking too much, and you'll be tapping into the inner confidence and momentum to just plow through anything and be truly in the moment, enjoying it. You'll know you can reach your goals, while still being unattached to the outcome.
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          Originally posted by Eddie1234 View Post
          Personally, I don't like RSD, and find that some RSD guys approached my set, and got disqualified... cuz they are using AMOG approach often... Don't get me wrong, it's just my point of view... I prefer Mystery, even though, now i have kind of my style...

          how do u know there RSD guys? i have freinds that are natural that i go out with often. They "Amog" without realizing it. They dont even know what amog is


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            All riiiiiiiight... MORE NIMBUS!!! Fuck routines, fuck microcalibration, fuck body language and delivery... NIMBUS, NIMBUS, NIMBUS

            But, why are some other PUAs (that I respect, and know they have awesome game) making fun of it, and saying it's bs?


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              Well, you're missing the point - no one said fuck everything other than nimbus. Nimbus is the cream on top of the cake, so to speak. It happens when everything is flowing correctly, but it needs to be backed up by an understanding of what is transpiring. It needs to be supported by charismatic delivery and calibration that stems from social awareness. A combination of internalized outer game, inner game, and a nimbus state is really the ideal you're aiming for here.

              Perhaps the ones who make fun of nimbus have misconceptions about it due to the way it's been explained to them, or they just haven't experienced it for themselves.


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                What canned lines can accomplish is getting you "giggly attraction" from the girl, which then gives you a bit of validation and puts you in state.

                Many people wind up wrongly believing that it was the LINES that got them the attraction, when it fact it was usually:

                1- They said something that made the girls giggle.

                2- The giggling gave them a shot of validation.

                3- The shot of validation put them in state, which then attracted the girl.

                Some guys will even come up with enough "lines" to keep the girl giggling throughout the interaction, which they rely on to maintain their "state" from open to sex.

                Is it true that when you're having an "on night" and "in state" you can say virtually ANYTHING and it will work as good or better than using the best pick up lines??"



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                  I personally don't like RSD, everytime they introduce a new product they hype it up like it's the new best thing ever made in the seduction world. I'm like 3 years in the community and one thing I've learned is that there isn't one method which is fail proof. But a lot of guys are to stupid to see it and become fanboys of one mentor.
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