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  • Unable to run indirect when feeling sexually needy

    I notice that I'm really dependent on women's validation to make me feel good. This is fine when I'm getting it but when I'm not I get really frustrated and antsy and it wrecks my game.

    Recently my city has been more empty since the students have gone home for summer. Currently there is only a crowd of regulars mostly at the same clubs with only a small throughput of 'fresh meat'.

    This means that I have been pulling less.

    I realise that even if I don't fuck a girl the validation I get from makeouts and grinding with girls acts as a good pacifier to keep my horniness at bay. Even when I just get a nice grind in the club it gives me a nice picture for when I go home for a wank.

    I find when I don't get any validation on any particular evening I will get grumpy and irate. A couple of nights in a row and I will be rather frustrated and pissed off.

    To get to the point of my post. I find that when I'm most horny and needy for validation that indirect game really does become irksome to me. All the rules and regulations associated with it seem like a prison cell interrupting me from getting that validation which I want to satisfy my ego.

    Due to this finding I'd recommend that newbies hammer direct game until they get a few fcloses under their belt and only then hit indirect once they have their neediness down somewhat but everyone's different and I know that this certainly isn't the case for everyone.

    I've found I run MM best when I've recently had sex. Not the same night as I tried that once recently. After shagging all day I went to the club and was WASTED and could barely approach but when I have recently had poontang and my neediness is down then my indirect is better.

    Otherwise I find it really irritating doing indirect as the rules are so stifling. I still am by no means saying I want to drop indirect because imo it seems, at least on paper, and from my early findings (still haven't laid any girls from indirect yet), to be the most promising for it being the most consistent way to do things in the long run for the type of girls I want.

    The lays I can get currently (and sporadically at that) are from sub par girls but they play the important role of keeping my sexual hunger at bay while I keep chipping away at the bigger game similar to the pimp terminology of 'starter hoes' to get you on your feet.

    In terms of statistics I'd say that with indirect I can get nearly every set to open but cos I still haven't learned the other parts of the model I'm not building attraction consistency and so the sets fizzle out. This is the main thing I find with indirect is it takes alot of patience. I find I have to smallchunk everything as I can only focus on adding one thing in a night and thus for the goal of consistency I have to think long term success rather than short term. So I'm slowly building up my skillset with indirect but because it's not there yet (I only need to have a consistent attraction phase and then I can effectively 'go direct' after that point however the gap still isn't bridged yet and won't be for a while) I am unable to 'close' off of indirect yet. Thus my closes still come from some variation of direct game just stating my intentions right away which usually yields about a 1/10 success rate but only on a specific kind of girls ie drunk average to below average looking girls.

    For a while I was like 'no! I will not tolerate anything below an 8!' but I quickly learned that these lower girls are still providing an important function to my game and thus reaccomodated them.

    I suppose it's true that game won't work best with ANY style if your sexually desperate however I find when I am in that mindframe that direct is good because it's most congruent to my horniness and that indirect just makes me frustrated and irritated and unable to play it hardly at all and my nights are really bad and it feels like work. So when I feel the rage building inside me I will pause my indirect and hit up direct till I get some ego satisfaction and quell the beast inside me to continue my indirect in earnest once again.

    Anyone else experienced similar?

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    Strange how for some men, their sex drive will force them to do better, because they NEED to, yet some are opposite!

    Mystery would say to try not to touch yourself until you get a girl, because your natural sex drive and desire will push you more to get up, get out, and get working! Kind of unfortunate that it makes you angry though.

    Maybe you need to try to transform it into drive! So instead of getting angry and frustrated, use it to force you to work harder and harder, and do better and better to really get those 8s and 9s!!