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  • Anyone ever try Adult/Casual Sex personals websites?

    Has anyone ever tried any of the casual sex sites? The concept of "easy sex" without the exchange of money seems like a rip off to me. If it's not a rip off, it seems like it might be fun to try the game on girls who say they want sex. At least the ASD problem is already taken care of.

    Here's a few I've looked at.

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    No reason to game girls like that. If you want to work on getting them interested and attrated to you, use normal dating sites instead.
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      Those websites are nothing but spam and viruses. Do not waste your time on those. I suggest running a virus scan on your machine after visiting those.


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        Originally posted by Tootall View Post
        No reason to game girls like that. If you want to work on getting them interested and attrated to you, use normal dating sites instead.
        I was actually trying to work on gettng laid. I practice the attraction stuff in during the day in my reugular life and 3 nights a week in the nightclub.

        Thanks for commenting.


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          I think if they are legit at all you'll be casually fucking chicks that are 5's and below...But as I've read here you don't get in the game to bang 7's. Hot women are almost always already getting laid.


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            Dude, I've reached a low point where I feel like laying a 6 would actually give me something to build on. I haven't had any level of success with women other than conversation and dates in years. At least if I'm getting laid I can focus on the skillset completely. Like Mystery said, "guys who don't laid don't smile". I've noticed this. I'm in the game to to eventually find a girlfriend, sex is not my main goal, but it has become a distraction that I need to take care of. My game is not good enough to even "hook up" for fun yet. Based on the advice I've gotten here, it's close, but needs more work especilly in comfort.

            I'm going to try Adultfriendfinder for a couple of months to see what happens. I really hope it works for me. I truly have nothing to lose, but a little money that I'd probably just piss away on something not important anyway.


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              I'd rather you take the right steps and start sending the better names in the industry (even me, I'd be willing to help you out if you're at this low of a point) than start hitting UG's.

              Seriously, PM me.


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                Originally posted by Orleans View Post
                I'd rather you take the right steps and start sending the better names in the industry (even me, I'd be willing to help you out if you're at this low of a point) than start hitting UG's.

                Seriously, PM me.
                Yeah, I've seriously reached the point where I've hit rock bottom in pickup. I really hate to admit that because I was so excited about my improvement when started out. I wanted to start a thread about it, but still haven't been able to figure out why I'm getting frustrated and burned out. I do know that pickup has become way too important to me. I appreaciate you trying to help. I'd send you a PM, but I have no idea what questions I need to ask you. I got alot of PU ideas & theories crammed into my head, but it feels useless now because I don't have the energy or positive mental frame to deliver it properly.

                I seriously want to find some guys at the top of game in my area that I can get free advice in field from. Guys who are at the place I want to be. I've found some guys to sarge with, and that's cool but they're basically at my level in the game. I'm out there trying and I'm not giving up. My strategy ideas lately haven't been the best, but I'm just willing to try anything.

                Edit. I sent you a PM
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                  Originally posted by NiteTime78 View Post
                  I'm just willing to try anything.

                  Said the guy [I]trying[/I] to live with Hep C

                  Orleans will take good care of ya


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                    I have been following your progress for awhile now, and have made tremendous improvements over the past few months. I feel that I need to tell you that we ALL hit plateaus when we first begin this journey. This difference between you and most of the other guys in this forum is that [B]you are actually doing it[/B]. Most of the guys in any PU forum are KJs that talk a bunch of shit and never actually admit their shortcomings or SPs. In all likelihood, they are not even aware of what their SPs are because they live in the protective bubble that is guarded by their mouse and their keyboard.

                    Some things that I would like you to keep in mind:

                    [B]Do Not Become Obsessed with Pick-Up[/B]
                    You cannot allow your level of self-esteem be determined by your current ability to PU. [B]Do not EVER seek validation from this area of your life[/B]. By virtue of the fact that you feel this way, you are setting yourself up for failure. You cannot and must not be Outcome Dependent. [B]Girls can smell this shit from a mile away[/B], regardless of how many routines, gambits and/or patterns you know and utilize. The BEST PUAs in the world are good because they have other things of value going on in their lives. Their lives do not center around pick-up. Learn the skills of PU, but do not, under and circumstance, succumb to the intoxication of its perceived powers. Improve the other areas of your life, [B]become a man that others aspire to be, and PU will take of itself[/B].

                    [B]You Are the Prize[/B]
                    I am sensing that you are no longer feeling this ‘mantra’. It is the core of being a talented, successful PUA. Pick-up, as I have mentioned in previous posts to you, is nothing else than [B]the perception of values[/B]. Girls want guys that they perceive to be of higher value than them. This Law is as true as gravity. You cannot and will not ever effectively alter this Law. Embrace it. Understand this Law and make it work for you. Start by truly internalizing that you are the prize. [B] You are of higher value than any girl[/B]. Know that any girl that you choose to bring into your life is being given an experience like no other. Start raising your value by improving the other areas of your life. Be that model guy that everyone else aspires to be and you will conquer the world.

                    [B]Stop Looking for Sex[/B]
                    I know that this sounds counter-intuitive, but when you make the decision that you will not have sex for the next 3 months, and commit to that decision, you will be able to free your mind of all that crap that is messing up your inner game. If you understand this premise, you will also understand that [B]commitment is freeing[/B]. Focus on what you can control right now, which is becoming the man that others aspire to become. When you become a ‘Leader of Men’, you will always have an abundance of women to choose from (credit: Mystery/Matador/Lovedrop). Trust me on this, I know. I have been where you are. It is not an easy road, but it is sooo worth it.

                    Orleans is a good guy. Listen to what he tells you, and more importantly, implement his advice. In a few months time, you will not even recognize the ‘old you’ and you will be giving quality advice to the next guy that has the courage that you have to admit that they need some help.

                    We all support you, and if there is anything that we can do to help you, let us know. That is why we are all here.
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                      Vernon, you're analysis of me is perfect!

                      I have become obsessed with PU. My progress has complete control over my mood. I think about it 24/7 and I dream about it every single night, HONESTLY! I've always been the type of person who becomes obsessed with improving. It started as a kid with various sports. The strategy has always worked in other areas of my life, but I understand through my experience that it's different in PU. Showing that you want is an obvious turn-off, but I thought I could fake it. It works with girls until I'm gaming them. Girls I haven't tried to game think I'm a player and assume I have a girlfriend. How wrong they are...

                      I don't feel like the prize anymore. Instead I feel like I'm faking it, and I'm wondering to myself "How long can I keep this up?" That's why I developed a dislike for clubs, I don't feel I can be the "party guy" that attracts her for the long haul. I feel that's why I'm more comfortable around shy girls, or the arsty "struggling artist " types. My current female friends fall into this catergory.The only girlfriends I ever had were the none club types so it's within my "comfort zone" & dare I say...."league".

                      Believe it or not, the sex thing is probably the easiest thing to fix first. No sex for 3 months will be easy. Making it feel like my desicion will make it a little tougher, but I can do it.

                      Again, thanks for the advice. I WILL USE IT and not just read it. I'll take whatever steps I have to to get myself back on track. It's all inside stuff because on the outside my life is better than it's ever been.


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                        Good to see that no PUA leaves another in the field of battle. I'm also willing to chat anytime send a PM.


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                          Not just clubs, Not Just 6's n up

                          I feel your pain bratha. Based on your last entry I would suggest that clubs are not the only field. You like artsy women? Go to where they are. Art shows with booze. Plays with an after party. Join a city sports club that has social sports like kick ball with a happy hour afterward. Bring one of your female friends with you.
                          Tired of shooting for the hard targets? I get there too. I personally think all women have an attrative side or, in other words, I try to be equal opportunity. Try your goals (what ever they are) on less cosmo women, less in shape women, less confident women. I find I can practice a little game here but there is a lot less dancing around. I am a sucker for a pretty face no matter what the body.
                          The ladies that you will find on the quick fix sites are still out there in public for you to meet and you won't spend dough or get a computer/real virus. We (me) just tend to not see them because of what society tells us is a 10.
                          Next time you are in a social situation where you feel comfortable and are meeting people, start talking to the least cosmo girl and persue it till it bears fruit. You'll blow her cosmo friends away n you might see a some catalyst competition come your way that you never expect.
                          Good luck buddy.


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                            Don't worry guys, I'm gonna take good care of this man. Promise.


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                              I went to AdultFriendFinder and they sucked... the girls on there are all plants that they put on their site to get you to pay to join. then you email the fake girls and get no replies of course...

                              On I email this one girl NatalieBangs and she replied, we talked on the phone... so I know there are real girls on

                              Anyway, dats my experiance!