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    [COLOR="Blue"][I]Hey Guys....

    I've dealt with a few male sociopaths in my past but women are [B][SIZE="5"]EVEN HARDER[/SIZE][/B] to figure out. They appear normal, sane, balanced, but underneath it all, they are actually crazy, insecure and make everyone around them, including brothers, sisters and family feel terrible about themselves. I've had a few single white female experiences before. I will write some of those experiences later down the road but I believe both sexes of sociopaths enjoy conquering others But this article I found [B][SIZE="5"]very interesting [/SIZE][/B]and thought it would be beneficial to share. Enjoy:[/I][/COLOR]

    These women want to create the illusion of intimacy quickly and are prepared to take short-cuts. They are full-on and their friendliness positively gushes. They often smile too much, but with their teeth, not their eyes. The woman will say all the right things and appear keen to be seen to make plans with you, but it’s a ploy to gain your affection quickly and hook you in.

    "She will seem very loving and capable of intimacy and will pretend to care. However the intimacy, depth and commitment are illusions. They merely enable her to collect what she wants. Her true colors show only when all other tactics fail.

    "She’s quite happy to steal her best friend’s boyfriend. It’s a great way to prove she has what it takes to be desirable, and simultaneously to prove the shallowness of the man and the delusion of her friend.

    "The picture is emerging of a woman who must get what she desires at all costs and must always be right. Sometimes she will deliberately claim to misunderstand something to justify doing what she wants, even though she knows it is against your wishes. She may cause problems just to attract attention to herself, because she likes to feel important.

    "Creating self-doubt in her victims’ minds is an integral part of her approach. She plays on their reasonableness to give her the benefit of any doubts they may have. She knows that reasonable people don’t like to think badly of others and will often beat themselves up for thinking uncharitable thoughts. She always sounds so convincing. Her approach is intended to make you question whether you were correct in your thoughts about her. It slows you down. It’s meant to.

    "Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door says, 'The most universal behavior of unscrupulous people is not directed, as one might imagine, at our fearfulness. It is, perversely, an appeal to our sympathy.'

    "This is a key point. If you take only one message from this book, make it this one. She is probably brilliant at eliciting pity and knows precisely how to do it.

    She may have learned these skills from a young age. Treated like a little princess by her father, she learns to wrap him (and others) around her finger. By learning to get her own way, she perfects the illusion of appearing fragile. She is anything but....

    "She also appears so wonderful, sweet and demure, as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Of course, she is a chameleon, capable of becoming exactly who her victim needs her to be.

    "She is meticulously turned out, expertly masking her inner personality cracks with flawless make-up, perfect hair and an extensive wardrobe, often paid for by past boyfriends. She may have learned to cover up who she really is by appearing confident and self-assured. Yet underneath this confident and highly manicured exterior may lie an insecure, inadequate and ultra-needy woman.

    "How dysfunctional is the rest of her family? If she looks like the only sane one, she may be the only one who has managed to cover it up!

    "The disguise is so good that nobody would ever suspect that she could do anything unscrupulous. Beware the woman who flatters without offering sincere compliments. Flattery has been described as ‘counterfeit charm’ and is usually a little over the top. She’s probably setting you up to make demands on you or to manipulate you in some other way.

    "She holds grudges too. Her revenge and retribution can be savage and harsh. Surprise is her weapon. Expect the worst, then double it.

    "This woman doesn’t think twice about destroying the reputations, health and well-being or the livelihood of others if they represent obstacles to getting what she wants. She’s the sort who will force you to get down on bended knee to beg forgiveness and then take delight in saying 'No'. She makes you feel bad to ‘keep you on your toes’.

    "Such women will not be happy until they have ripped the very heart and soul out of their victim. Even then, there is no guarantee they will be any happier. Sadly, most men ignore what their gut instinct is trying to tell them about her, because they think she wants them

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    Oops, the book is called:

    Venus: The Dark Side of Female Sociopaths


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      geez, stay that woman away from me!


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        As long as she swallows and leaves who cares?


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          Those r the best ones

          My last gf was a doozy, bipolar, alki, drugs. I dont drink or do drugs. I met her before I got into the game and I had no clue. Once I got a clue and some confidence we split & I never looked back

          Crazy ones can be great in the sack but dont get attached

          I'd keep a crazy chick around for a once a week bang, no more than that


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            I was in a very bad abusive relationship once. I did eventually tell her i was never coming back. She lives just down the street from me now with her partner. I can only imagine what he is going through.


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              As the saying goes "When another man tries to take your woman your best revenge is to let him "

              You guys know what I mean


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                Originally posted by Amber Nectar View Post
                [COLOR="Blue"][I]Hey Guys....

                I've dealt with a few male sociopaths in my past but women are [B]EVEN HARDER[/B] to figure out. They appear normal, sane, balanced, but underneath it all, they are actually crazy, insecure and make everyone around them, including brothers, sisters and family feel terrible about themselves. I've had a few single white female experiences before.
                I used to have the same complaint about women. Then one day I asked a friend of mine why all women are "psycho bitches from hell"

                He replied "find what all the women you have dated have in common, fix that thing, and you will find the sane women."

                Once I figured out what he meant and fixed it, I have never met a woman who was not highly evolved emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, etc. Not that any of them are perfect, but dealing with the differences in our characters has been simple to modify and easy to build on to have a successful relationship..

                If you are dating befriending closing etc. psycho women and want to stop doing so, answer that question and fix that thing.


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                  She may not have been a sociopath

                  @amber nectar and hubbster
                  The woman you are describing might not have been a sociopath. From what you are describing, she sounds more like she was a Borderline. I would like to suggest to you that you do a Google search on Personality Disorder.

                  Sometimes, when a woman is suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder or Histrionic Personality Disorder, their behavior can be very confusing to guys who might be interested in them. Women with both of those problems can appear VERY seductive, but behave in ways that are very confusing for others.


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                    Depending on country and said culture and area, it can be hard to figure out. But the ones that I met that was a psychopath was luckely enough not a girl to pick up.

                    Instead, they are constantly trying to get trust, and then blantly do something several times that cannot be considered a shit test or "just having fun" and then they steal, like you said Amber, their best friends boyfriend just to toy with him for a while because she can. Is general very flirty with him and then go on to the next quickly


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                      You mean there are other types?


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                        Rodehard, I love that quote!

                        Rodehard, et al,

                        I love that quote, "If another guy takes your woman, the best revenge is to let him!"

                        I had a three year live-in girl friend who was OCD, and often was nasty and mean and denied she was abusive. The fear of being alone, and the comfort I felt when she had those ten minutes or so every two or three weeks when she was sweet kept me in the relationship. Game saved me. It taught me never to feel desperate and that there are always other possibilities and opportunities out there. Someone in this thread got the essential core of all this, which is, to believe that you do deserve the best and not oelrate anything less. If you believe you are the prize, you will no longer tolerate abuse and dissatisfaction for a few minutes of not being alone. Game and what I have learned in VA boot camps has taught me never to settle for less than what I deserve.

                        Keep Sarging, Brothers!