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  • Pulling girls home

    I realise this applies less and less as you get older and start picking up chicks in there early 20's but for late teens how the fuck do you get the girl over to your place, Cause alot of the time (not always) the parents not knowing who i am is an issue, i know i can get through it by meeting the parents but thats effort that i would like to avoid, any tips?

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    I know its kinda awkward in the morning when a girls dad is like "who are you?" ...mmm i still havent worked out how im going to play that one yet.

    Logistics while i still live at home is pretty much impossible and relys on me having a free house, which i do not have at 3am!

    I'd like to find out the answer to this too...


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      It looks like your problem is slightly different to mine, where as i dont live with my parents anymore but you do. i thought about it and the best answer for my situation would be to pull the girl home 2 hours or so earlier then she was planning to leave, Rail the crap out of her, and then drop her off at her house. With enough buying temp it will be posible to do that kinda pull. As for your issue, do u have a car? if so use the back seat. its as simple as "hay lets go for a walk" after some walking "oh look there is my car conviently parked in a dark ally, lets get in" if she gets in your money, u can even do it with a friends car if he doesnt mind that sort of thing, or in the club bathroom (which i personally dislike)


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        Age shouldn't be much of an issue here. If a girl is attracted to a guy and comfortable with him, she will have no problem going to his place. She'll make any excuse she has to to her parents. "Oh I stayed the night at Becky's" blah blah whatever. You have your won place. Nuff said