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  • My PUA Training...

    Well, I'll begin by saying I am a young college student looking to change my luck with women, some background info, I work as a model at Hollister & Co., and promote NightClubs in Downtown/South Beach Miami. I am a good looking guy and have had much success with women yet not the 10's maybe 7-8's. Well after coming across 'The Game' and VH1's show I decided to come here to this online community where I can have some backing on my journey into MANhood. so...

    Well today went farely well most girls at Hollister are scorching hot yet I dont find much trouble speaking with my co-workers. No openers just straight to the 'story's, many negs', and disqualifiers so forth. I had alot of fun for the first day putting my new knowledge to use. But let get to the breakdown so you guys can gimme your input:

    I spoke with one girl who already befriended me (rating 7) and had a great time giving her stories and barely any negs, i wasn't much attracted to her yet she told me her friend who worked across the street thought i was hot...quick question my fellow PUA's how do i put that info into action??? Well none the less i tried to hold the attention of three girls, one who was (rating 10) amazingly hot yet it was hard when i really had nothing to say and ejected. Very easy to eject at work because i got work to do.

    Well another girl I played and teased her, and she was very responsive (rating9) and another girl clearly a (rating 10) who i knew previously knew.... she loved my negging and teasing and everytime she would pass by she would would try and mess with me too=playfully. I came to the conclusion that girls enjoy puttin you down, in a fun way tho. I had a few slip-ups when i standed next to a girl for like a few minutes without anything coming from my mouth, another slip-up was doing the cheesy 'your eyes dialate wen u see somethin attractive', man i need help for real.

    Well i messed up here and there but felt accomplished none the less by beeing so active a playful with these girls, i now i built some kinda raport i never had. I'll go into detail further with each girl and my status with them, yet i have no formal training, all i know is what i've been reading here.

    Well the icing on the cake was a date i had tonight with the girl next door, seriously. It goes like this; I met her because she thought i was hot, i decided to make her a friend knowing that if i slept with her she would always be a friend, well that was long b4 i changed into a PUA in training and she invited me for dinner tonite. I was fully confident from my toes to my hair, and led her out on a night of preplanned stories, a few negs because she is (rating 10) because of her silicons. I did some kino touching but never got the guts to lay a kiss on her, I know its no ones fault but myself but i need some incite, or a wingman to go through this with me man its nerve wrecking.

    I even had the girl pay for dinner saying i'd take care of it nexttime, but man she already knows me i kudd just b heading down a deadend, dammit

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    First off, not bad for a first round, you're right we are in the same boat ^_^

    and fo the record, i'd give ya hand if i was in South Beach


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      Well, it sounds like you did a lot of comfort building. Don't pass the 7 hour zone or you'll risk a LJBF. Just get the guts to kiss her next time you go out. If she already told another girl she thinks your hot, then she will probably fuck you...


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        The Demon

        man sounds like the whole shop and even the girl next door wants you. I love these situations this is where I would go for the gold and hook up with every girl in there and the other chick across the street except for the 7 =/. too low and if you are a model you definitely have me beat in the looks department so you should move to bigger game =P
        So you went out to dinner was it a resteraunt? She bought the dinner? and no kiss? Was there good conversation during dinner? Eye contact? Next time that happens with a hot girl, walk her out to your car/her car whatever go to the side of the car where she would get in with her. Put your hands on her waste when she is looking at you wondering what you are doing and slowly push her back up against the car.
        (so money) don't be too rough. Look at her in the eyes for like 2 seconds and if she is looking at your eyes back. You are golden.
        the other girls in the store, talk to the 7 and flirt with her and get her head over heels for you without flirting too obviously keep it under the radar. She will definitely talk to the other girls in the store probably even the girl next door about it and how dreamy you are and you have your own propaganda machine. Then just divide and conquer the rest. I could give you more tips on that but this is getting long.


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          Next posting will be shorter promise.

          You guys are honestly the best! I really have no one that seems to understand our PUA method, but it works anyways... well lets start off by explaining my day at work (Hollister CO) , I honestly am into this girl (9) and we had great conversation, She goes to my school and I told her the revolving door story, and she didnt seem like she needed much negging because she coplimented my body, yet I couldnt read IOI's so good unless smiling everytime she sees me is one? Well I made her laugh yet got frustrated when i ran out of a story/topic to talk about and it seemed as soon as i looked at the floor or dozed off from my talkative state she would eject. I really am not getting caught up in emotion just wish I could take more control of my women. I now understand being a wuss doesnt work. I need to honestly work on stories/story-telling and get some in-field work.

          Also, to go back to my date lastnight, she was sittin on the trunk of her car so i spread her legs and pulled her toward me so i could fit in between them, I felt outta place because I've been so friendly with her and couldnt get the courage to lay one on her, then she layed back. So, I grabbed her back as in pulling her up toward me and played it off by saying 'wow ur back is strong' (we were talkin about working out prior to this act) because she didnt seem to follow where i was her leading her to. I wanted a chance to get back near her face but after losing my first chances i felt already defeated and the rest of the convo was like just wasting time for me i felt. Dam anyways...

          So, yea I enjoy speaking with the 7's in the store and all I'm really good at the impression thing, I just go stiff when a 9 or 10 is free for convo i really dont have much to say, i need to work on being playful. , I really appreciate the replies guys, I'm going to stay active and check out the rest of the forums as well, next Postings of mine will be more direct staring with my daily story then question to you AFC's and PUA's thanks again.


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            I yeah im def gonna do the under the radar 7 flirting she was across the room today and when i crossed my arms , she did the same, when i uncrossed them she followed (across the room!) i didnt have much time to talk to her but yeah, def ill make her really like me but ill need your tips man cuz im still a rookie, i cud scew that up.

            And i can honestly care less about one girl, i just wanna go through my stages with you guys helping me out , without reading my emotions and just gettin str8 to the point on what im lacking.


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              Just be yourself man. Doesn't sound like you'll have a problem. Don't be intimidated by girls. From what it sounds like, they are intimidated by you. Just get up the courage to kiss her. What's the worst that could happen? You'll have about 10 other girls around that you could get with.


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                yea ur right , just gotta outta of a thread where someone sed u gotta 'lose it' i kno, what he means w/e if i lose it, so be it, im going in fellas


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                  good luck my friend...


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                    I agree just be yourself, but be more confident. The only thing holding you back it seems is confidence and nervousness. If you got comfortable around 9's then they would be a lot more comfortable around you.

                    Also man it seems like you are doing a lot of talking in the store which is great but this needs to be short if you are running material and running out of canned stuff then you are talking too long especially since you know a routine or two. Do one routine like the 5 Questions game look it up on google its a video of style. Get the girl excited having fun intrigued and then ISOLATE since you can't make out on your shift well unless you want to risk getting fired you will have to isolate by asking them to hang out. get them out of the shop in a 1-1 situation with you. Also if you walked up the girl on the car and she laid backwards thats not a good sign unless she meant for you to get on top which it sounds like she didn't.
                    There are so many little problems man with these stories. Why are you even taking her to dinner =P save the cash ask her to your house or something. The good thing is they are only little problems so you can fix them all. Also if you ask one out don't say lets hang out, I almost always use the term "Get Together" for some reason it is subconsciously a lot stronger since Get together implies you two getting physically close. but without the hes trying to get in my pants stigma.


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                      but on a plus side i saw that you worked at hollister so even if your still in the sucky stage you have lots of nice clothes to cheer you up


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                        Wow that was informative as hell well here are tonite's stats:
                        6 or 7 o clock get a call
                        Wingman Prof.S has two females for us to entertain tonight. A *7 which is I think 17or18 years old? and an *8 who is 22 and Prof.S told me prior that (8)she was a lesbian. My wingman is extrovert as hell, all he is known to do is talk and talk of himself in high value and still wants to attract the lesbian…. anyways this is how the night goes.
                        We pick up 7 and 8 at their house. Prof.S offers them a blunt/spliff whatever you wanna call it, I’m really over this now because I’ve been smoking and missing out on many opportunities. Yet in my head I know im going to smoke because I believe I can handle it. We hop in my car after introducing ourselves
                        Background: (7) is more or less my target since (8) is already targeted by my wingmam prof.S. (8) is the cousin of the the girl who called me to eat dinner lastnight and i chicken out with kissing her because she's been my nieghbor, who i work-out with and got to friendly with.
                        I drive, 7 in front sitting passanger, Wing S and 8 in the back of my 4 door, I then start speaking with 7, over some music I first put on because- I at first truly didn’t know what to say. So I started off like 'Where u from' How long your in town' as we drove I told her how I love miami and her about my company (promoting/marketing Miami nightlife) not going into detail but throwing up info hopefully she will be interested in questioning, well we are doing great I have her laughing at will. We stop at the parking lot of a restaurant I use to wait tables at, giving her the story of how after being fired from here I had a life turn around, beginning my company, school blah blah, and she is the party type girl who gets a kick out of getting overly drunk ( I don’t drink as much as I did in high school). Well I was in talkative state me and my wingman throwing back and forth funny situations/stories that both girls were responsive to.
                        Actually 8, was a lot more responsive since she had met me and Prof.S a few weeks prior. As soon as we were finished smoking the first blunt and hopped back into my ride, I totally lost my talkative state and close up like a nervous kid who felt like he couldn’t open his mouth to save his life.
                        So.. I can make smoking an excuse, but that’s all it is an excuse for my failure and I’m honestly taking it out of my life eventho I love my friends but kno better now that they are bad influences. So, we all went back to our nieghborhood to roll up another one, by the time we were done smoking the second, it was all down hill from there , from my long pauses, prof.S. getting frustrated with me and me getting into my own head really made me rationalize I can sit thru this and go home and tell you guys I messed up yet I was to paranoid lastnight to tell you guys I smoked, well…. I had to be honest, and you guys need to be str8 forward with me to is the only way I can get some help.
                        I had fun just being playfull at the parking lot first yet I know I started thinking about what to do now that im interesting I need to isolate…I read now… and I didn’t see much IOI’s from her but one thing 8 mentioned when we first picked her up was that ‘ Hey you’re the guy my cousin likes’ what do I say to that?? Especially around the 7 I just met. Any short reply would do appreciate it.

                        When i told about the girl at work i mistakingly told that her eyes dialated wen she seen somethin attractive, i get a call from my cousin (extreme AFC) his first words were 'you kno ur eyes dialate wen u see somethin beautiful' and i say 'yea funny stuff huh' and tell him i gotta go and hang up. I was to hi and he just rattled my bones, i knew that girl wouldnt forget i said that, it seems girls only remember wen u mistakingly hit on them, always. Dam cousin he's a sucker.


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                          You know what, I'm really gonna start backing out of running these tests out in school or at work. I just dont wanna mess up and what do u guys think if i really mess up would it scar me i go to a pretty big univerisity....

                          Todays story...
                          Leaving my car in the school parking garage (4thfloor) i passed up an opportunity on a single HB6 and stepped into the elevator with a 2 set. I poked my head back out to keep the door open for the HB6 i left behind. Now im the elevator with a 3 set and without any eye contact try and start convo so i kinda did a lip/tongue smack noise so i can get something outta my mouth, then she opened saying 'omg, what floor were we on' i say, 'wow i dont kno myself, *laff, well u wudnt wanna get lost in this heat' , she then asks me for directions as we step out of the elevater (this all happens so fast for me) and she is kinda behind me so i tell her 'walk, with me up to the directory and ill show u where to go', small talk lil laffs, drew blank and did the pathetic nice meeting u, walk away routine....

                          Walking through the lobby on the first day of school was overwhelming, so much options, everygirl in miami is hot, i mean almost every girl. i spot a girl who looks familiar with her head facing down to her fone. HB8 since she looks familiar my anxiety has no effect and i say 'excuse me' she picks her head up and we smile, i cudnt open into bantering/attraction yet i playfully teased (or struggled to) she sed she had a bf. yet she also took notice to the weight i lost (which most girls i havent seen in a fewmonths has been commenting on) i waved to a friend a few yards behind her , he came by and sed i was lookin buff, and i laffed it off. another girl with a bf (7) came by and i commented on her glasses ' who are u hiding from under them big things' she was in a rush to class and just pecked me on the cheek.

                          we then became isolated again and i told her i had to run to the gym which was true , she sed i changed in the way i talk (which i loved cus she used the word great, yet only after i asked her if that meant good or bad). You PUA's have really cleared up my vocab and delivery. and i believe my body language is pretty good wen walking around, always has been.

                          Then at the gym i messed up twice... first i was sitting and my leg fell asleep, i got up while a girl was passing (7) and sed 'omg my leg fell asleep', no luck she kept walking....during my workout i pass by a girl, made no eye contact and poorly sed 'its packed in here , right?' wen i glanced over the space she had a smile yet i assumed every guy in the room was her good.

                          After leaving the gym, sweaty in my tank top and sneaks still i have a long walk back to my car, a girl HB8 i see walking and talking on the phone i kinda pregame untill im in front of her, and i listen to her sandals scrape the floor, turn around and say ' wat is that noise geez', she says 'o im sorry im sick', just came from the clinic, i say 'wow what a big cough for such a small girl' laffs* i compliment her shirt and say its hollister, but then say i cheated cuz i work there, she smiled once more but we parted ways wen i asked if she parked in the garage i sed i was in a hurry but she was going to class i retreated by doing the same 'ol 'it was nice, nice meeting u' dam


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                            You gotta learn to # close my friend.


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                              HOnestly i enjoy writing all this out because it kinda gives me more drive, yet it so dam crazy how much i changed in like 3 days? wow like yesterday i didnt understand some of Mystery's concepts but now they make more sense it takes time fellas, but good luck to you all, i kno my biggest goal thru this all is teaching my future son what my dad didnt for me.