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  • The Artist Routine

    I also posted this under the name of Psych on NYC Sarge. The name Psych was already taken on this forum.

    Here is how it works.

    To introduce, open your arms and hands to show you are not hiding anything. Make eye contact with the subject as you ask:

    You: I'm a [writer, actor, painter, singer, exc.], what kind of artist are you?

    The most common reply to this (99% of the time) is going to be:

    HB10,000: Huh? What do you mean?

    Note :: If she gives a solid answer (IE "I'm a painter", or I'm a singer") tell her you thought she would say that and jump to the cold read (below). If she is a singer, say you could tell by how she controls her voice. If she is a painter, say she has a painters hand. If she is an actress, say you could tell by the way she carries herself.

    Now you have her interest, lets get in to the body of the routine!

    This is based on the idea that all people are artistic, and all people are more artistic in one way more than any other. Art, at its core, is nothing more than self expression, so we are always being artistic. After hanging out and spending a year across the street from an art school, I learned that everybody has their own artistic outlet, and there were a few central forms of art that you can use for a cold reading.

    Reply to her:

    PUA: Everybody is artistic in some way. Some people like to paint, or sing, or whatever, but most people are more subtle about it. They usually end up writing, or drawing in their free time, or making random crafts. What is your artistic outlet?

    HB: Oh, well I have to think about that ...

    Give her a few seconds ...

    HB: Well I guess I'm a [insert art form here]

    Here is a loose list of interpretations. Technically she can say anything here. The few below will account for most of the replies, but be ready to improvise!

    To help, try to fit what she says into a more broad catagory (IE Oil painting into drawing, or Soccer into sports [Thanks for the tip XXJMCXX!])

    Painter, likes to draw, something like that: This means she is a very visual person. She soaks in the world by what she sees above all else. She tends to be an introverted person as painting is an internal expression. She has a lot of curiosity about herself, and by drawing, she is subconsciously giving herself a visual record of who she is for her to see. You will get this one a lot.

    Singer, talker, something vocal: She treasures sound. Music is very important to her and she can tell more about a person by listening to them talk rather than looking at them. Due to the very subtle nature of listening, she notices things that nobody else sees, but at the same time she may miss what other people consider obvious.

    Actress: She is very extroverted and loves attention. She can learn a lot about a person simply by watching them, and not talking to them herself. Actresses tend to live entirely in their own worlds and leaving the real world to do as it will. Be careful as this answer to itself suggests insecurity (attention seeking).

    Writer: She is a quiet observer. She will spend more time looking at a situation than actually participating, but this does not mean she does not have fun. She will gain a great deal of pleasure by simply watching events unfold around her. She loves looking over things, and replaying them over and over in her head. This is why she writes. Some times writing is the only way to stop an event (real or imaginary) from replaying over and over in their heads.

    Sculptor (this one is rare): She sees the world in its full complexity and observes all things appreciating all of their dimensions and complexity. They are thorough, and will see things through to the end with unwaivering attention to detail.

    Sports/physical activities: These suggest somebody who is impulsive and loves to live in the moment. They usually have lots of energy to burn even after their friends are exhausted.

    Remember, not every reply will fit here, so be ready to improvise and cold read first by what you have gathered from her personality.

    Use these trends to do a cold read on the person, and follow with a barrage of questions which will hold the conversation until you both run out of breath and pass out.

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    Interesting post about cold-reads, THOUGH I don't specifically like it cause well "hi, I'm a writer" conveys ALOT of interest along with... no particular value.

    THEN, if she does respond (which she mostly may even if she is kind of uncomfortable and feeling akward), your FOLLOW-UP, "If she is a singer, say you could tell by how she controls her voice. If she is a painter, say she has a painters hand. If she is an actress, say you could tell by the way she carries herself." This my friend is also an IOI (it reaks of IOIs actually)...when are you going to micro-calibrate and add some IOD to make this situation not look so akward?

    I feel that this cold-read won't get you anywhere, unless you use the beginning to IMMEDIATELY cut to another thread.

    HOWEVER as for comfort game, now that's a different story.


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      as a comfort routine this rocks


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        Originally posted by Johnny_Favorite View Post
        as a comfort routine this rocks
        agreed, ill probably just stack this in next set for the hell of it


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          respect for the routine, Zooloo. This is an excellent routine for Comfort. Kudos!