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  • Mid-Ohio jobs?

    Hey, any employers on these forums live in Central Ohio and want some good PUA-related karma?

    I need better work. I'm 25, hardworking, some college, incredibly reliable (never miss a day), and smart enough to learn anything you may need me to learn.

    3.9 GPA out of high school, got into the best colleges Ohio has to offer, but only made it two years. I have SCADS of foodservice experience (so good customer interaction skills), fundamental computer programming and am generally good with computers, intermediate, but not fluent, french speaking skills, and I've taken college level classes in Sociology and Politics too.

    If you live in Central Ohio, and can give an unskilled laborer a decent job (by which I mean pays more than ten bucks an hour), then I would be willing to consider relocating for you if I had to. You'd not only find in me a great employee, but a grateful friend, and a wingman who can talk shop.

    I'm about a county east of Columbus. If you can help me out I'd love to hear from you.