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  • Exeter, Devon, UK

    I imagine this is now the forum to use.

    Let's see how long it takes the well known names in Exeter to register.

    Hold it down chaps!

    P u r p l e . . .

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    Well im still around, just need to wait and see who else shows up before we arrange out next big night out.


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      Legal Reasons


      The Mystery Method forum is off-line again, probably for legal reasons, so I'll have to make my post here.

      Tonight dealt me an unexpected encounter.

      Very long day at work, what with meetings, teaching undergraduates and my own research.

      Anyway, 11.15pm, I meet Fishbulb and Fixious just for a drink.

      12.30 and Fish say's right let's do some shit.

      Fishbulb goes into a 3-set, he didn't appear to need a wing, so I go into a 2-set and Fixious was gonna wing me when I gave him the 'hand-on-the-back-of-the-neck' signal.

      I go in with my groundbreaking opener - and they love it.

      Fixious comes in, but it's his first time winging, so he just sits there and doesn't say anything.

      I carry on with my routine and get to 'The Cube'. Enough said, I'm in. It turns out that they are both into three-somes, i.e., themselves (Tori and Abi) and a bloke of anyone of their choice.

      I think that because I number closed them both together - and they were both into me, that I could have them both together. I don't think it's a big thing for them, to be fair they were both art graduates.

      P u r p l e
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        Oh hey there...

        well isn't this forum nice and new and shiny.

        i'm gonna stick to posting on the MM thread cos that way it's all together...but it's a good idea to bump this thread up to the top of the list every now and then so that it catches the eye of any Exeter lads who haven't discovered the "lair" yet.

        To any as yet 'unknowns':
        we don't need any more people but if you're cool then you can hang with us.
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          Originally posted by Purple View Post
          I don't think it's a big thing for them, to be fair they were both art graduates.

          Damn! Looks like I chose the wrong set to open! And you clearly didn't need a wing Nath. You only NEED a wing if you want to isolate...... and in this case you don't.

          Good luck with that!


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            I had a good set last night.

            I ran The Cube, and for the first time in ages I interpreted it wrong! She still enjoyed it though. I've found it's easier to run it on 2 girls simultaneously becasue I can take the angle that I'm exploring the dynamics of their friendship.

            When I was in the comfort stage we were talking about families and our parents. She asked me if my parents actually tried to raise me as an alpha male?

            I have to admit, I was surprised that she would see me as an alpha, because I've never tried to be that - they're generally knobs. It must have been my smile and easy confidence with her that caused her to say such a thing. But I must be doing something right in the eyes of women.

            Hold it down my blokes,

            P u r p l e . . .


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              Just signing in

              Finally got it to let me post - woohoo!


              Da Mutha


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                I had a great night tonight.

                It started at 7.15pm, I met Picogiant for a pre-salsa coffee.

                Salsa was f*ckin* excellent!! There were some red-hot girls there and they were cool... So I had to get some personal tuition from Kellyn - fackin ell!!

                Anyway, PG and I move on to TP to meet Whitey, PG does a hot looking set, I have a few mates turn up - which is good social proof, then Whitey arrives, then PG number closes one of the prettiest girls in there (and she wanted him).

                Now, I open a 3 set (Whitey and PG come in to wing) and I start speaking to Harriet she was so lovely. I've been really lucky in the past 3 weeks. I've met 3 really amazing women.

                I did my usual groundbreaking opener, A2, A3, A4 and then The Mighty Cube.

                I love this game. I've had a few weeks off Sarging, but this weekend I'm back, however, I think it's the quality of woman I meet that makes it so enjoyable, and I'll have to meet some bloody good women this wekend if they're gonna measure up to Keira, Amy or Harriet.

                Hold it down my blokes,

                P . . .


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                  Well i had a good night

                  opened a couple of graduates from exeter as a first 2 set, i'd say a pair of sevens. practiced my A1-3 nicely, did the best friends test, fluffed and then they went on to their next pub place. I left ejecting too long; they were interested in me, but not enough to really want to stay in TP and chat.

                  Next up was this girl i would class as a 9. Part of a large, ever changing set of 2-8 people. Purps gave me an intro to the set, as he knew one of the girls really well. I opened with a bit of AFC conversation, but rapidly went into PUA mode.

                  9: How old do you think i am?
                  PG:er, 24
                  9: i'm 24 in a week! do i really look that old?
                  PG: well if i try and flatter you and guess low, you'll stop using anti ageing cream and look even older. You really want that?
                  9: oh my god!

                  More fun "you're too old" negging insued.

                  Later on, i kino tested, the mutual hand squeeze was good. #closed, gave her my mob with 07 already typed in. she looked at me funny, so i said "you press the buttons and numbers come up on the screen" got a big round of giggles from her and obstacle.

                  the 3 set was an interlude. 3 girls, 3 puas! i got the least interesting one as i came into the set last. Damn pickup etiquette. Still, it was good to calibrate to getting a low self esteem girl out of her shell.

                  i would recommend salsa to everyone! it was full of hot girls, and all but one were very friendly.


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                    I have to say PG, you were on fire last night - you've got a GREAT opener. I watched their faces as you said it, and they loved it (the first set).

                    The open works well becasue it really is a genuine question, and there are so many fun directions you can take it in.

                    Keep up the good work PG.

                    Hold it down!!

                    P . . .


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                      PG- viewer discretion is advised
                      This forum is dead. TMM dominates.

                      Hold me down Purple!



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                        Opened a 3 set last night. Before I even asked the question one of the girls said "I hate your shirt!" I said it's very interesting you should say that cos I was just about to ask "do you think rudeness stem from misery? Maybe your friends can shed some light on it. Is she always like this?" I could tell it was going to be a difficult one.

                        I probably would have ejected pretty early on a set like that a few weeks ago but I thought it would be good practice. A2 went fine, then Purple and PG came in to wing. I chose the difficult one as my target for the practice. Turned out both she and her friends were exceptionally boring.

                        For the second time now my target's boyfriend has turned up mid set. I got her to introduce me to him and had a quick chat before he left. When are AFCs gonna learn not to leave their girlfriend's with random guys? I suppose if you go out with a dull enough girl you know that PUAs wont bother with her. An interesting strategy.

                        We all ejected fairly soon after that. Later we witnessed the awesome power of the cube once again. This girl was actually crying when Purple did it to her and she practically begged him to call her AND she was married! It's things like that which let you know that anything is possible.

                        Met up with Whitey later on and had a really good chat. Nice one for getting the K close man! in like 10 minutes as well. great stuff!

                        Take it easy



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                          Originally posted by Muthaship View Post
                          Met up with Whitey later on and had a really good chat. Nice one for getting the K close man! in like 10 minutes as well. great stuff!
                          You and Whitey K-closed huh?


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                            what a fun night last night!

                            1: my first ever crash and burn! felt exhillerating, and they were only two 6's and a 7
                            2: k closed a nice looking girl (who knew i was in the game from the first minute, and played me like a fiddle...)
                            3: spent an hour negging the hell out of a model. she's staying with my housemate and can't stop herself from trying to shit test me and lower my self esteem even as i type! such fun being an arsehole!



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                              Tangled Webs and Tournaments


                              I'll start with the exeptionally emotional 'Cube' that Muthaship mentioned above.

                              There's 5 of us at the table, and we're all out Gaming. I get opened by a very hot, and very sexy little b*tch, who's only 22 and she's married (she's obviously lonely). I move over and pat the other half of my chair signaling her to sit down; she does.

                              Anyway, to cut a long story short, the guys fuck off to let me isolate and I'm left running my routine on her (Carly) and her mate (Kate).

                              Whitey comes in to wing and I start running 'The Cube' on Carly. I'm actually finding it quite hard work becasue she's not that imaginitive. I did the usual and it goes well; until I decide I'm gonna tell her 'I know you feel really lonely in this world'. She looked at me and said "OMG, how do you know all this about me?"

                              Then she started to cry. She said "I've never met anyone one could tell that"

                              I give her a hug to comfort her, becasue I'm feeling bad that the cube has made her cry. Then she tell's me "You give the best hugs, I love having you hug me". I number close etc., and build a bit more comfort for another good half hour, because I want a day-2 and a close on this one.

                              I leave, she re-opens etc.

                              I end up F-Closing a bird (Steph) who I met the night before. She had the most outstanding, amazing and beautiful breasts that I have ever encountered or could even imagine the existence of - and she knew her breasts where great too. The looked perfect, and they felt like a dream. They were real, pert and fuc*ing amazing. I love them.

                              LMR for a bloody long time - which I was a bit pissed off about, I suppose I shoudn't have assumed she would have let me into her knickers straight away.

                              Anyway, it was good.

                              Picogiant, I told you to stick around tonight. You're blonde turned up as I predicted. Purple is usually correct!!

                              Hold it down fella's,

                              P u r p l e