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    Hey, I'm in Exeter and needing someone to go out with. Anyone still around?


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      I'm not about anymore, but I know one guy who's still down there. I'll mention it to him and see if he wants to meet up. He doesn't have any wings at the moment


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        I'm still around and looking for wings to learn some game with.


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          Hi dark Im in Exeter and also looking for a wing, have read Mystery method and rules of the game, and been on some good sarging sessions but good wings who understand the rules of the game and don't diminish value are thin on the ground. We could go for a pint and see If we would make a good team.




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            New Man in Town

            Hi all I have just discovered this forum and would like to join a Lair in exeter, my usuall mates are great to hang out with but generlly MOJO killers, im sure you know the story. so yeh keep posting if you are having a big night out, would love to join if thats cool.

            also can't seem to tell when posts were made, the only dates given are for when each member joined. what is up with that?



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              The date of each post should be in the black bar at the top of every individual post, above the username.


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                Wow.. mind-blown!

                Didn't realise Exeter had an active PUA community.. or did have judging by the date of these posts

                Well if any of you still sarge through the streets of Exeter, let me know!

                I'm a 20 yo AFC but do have experience with woman and am a pretty social guy who wants to build up my game.

                My email is [email][/email] - get in touch!


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                  Those were the days!!!

                  Yeah, man, we had a pretty cool PUA community in Exeter. Most of us were students at the time, as far as I'm aware two of our chaps are still active there, but they've gone underground - as it's actually quite hard to find a good wing (particularly one you can rely on, and trust for that matter). I left Exeter and ran some nice game with some good blokes up in Manchester for a year after moving there for work. I had to leave Manchester, but I'd love to go back to Exeter or Manchester for Gaming, because the ladies are cool, hot and up for some fun... Good times...