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    So I've come here to look for a wing or two here in London. I'm 21, currently studying abroad here from the states. Business and Tech management for you curious types. I've read David D's stuff as well as the mystery method extensively and have had some success applying the principles to my natural game, without really having practiced the method as taught. The guys on my program who I go out with tend to treat gaming as a roll of the dice rather than as a skill. Plus we end up going to the same American-magnet bars and clubs all the time.

    I'm looking to make some real progress with my game and I'm thinking that going out with someone who speaks the same language would do a world of good.

    So anyone looking for a competent wing man let me know and we can meet up for a drink sometime.

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    Bokononist, dude I'm a South Londoner. Used to run game with a few Americans when i worked for a pub crawl firm up west end. Tourists in and out all the time.

    If you're here for a while i'm down to roll with you.

    I've killed my Facebook so PM me so we can hang out and have a laugh while training.



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      Still looking for another wing?


      Im new to the community. Read 'the game' and decided that I want in! Im not your normal AFC and am confident once i get going in conversation but do want to get over my AA. Also, have trouble closing sometimes.

      My mates arent the type to want to try and break down an approach and see how they can improve, they just like to wing it with no skill or style. I want to develop some friends where we can help eachother with our game and really master it.

      If you guys are still looking for someone to go out with and wouldnt mind offering some advice along the way, PM me!



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        London Game

        I'm moving to London soon for university, I'm 18, but i'll almost be 19 in October (When I move up) I've been gaming for about 2 years now, mostly day game because I couldn't get in clubs, but for the past few months I have been doing night game, so if you guys are up for it then I will come out with you guys, I have done wingman stuff so I would be a newbie at it, but at opening and closing I am pretty good at solo, so I guess it wouldn't be too much of a transition.