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  • Sheffield wings wanted

    Hope that this doesnt sound too much like a fuckin loneley hearts ad but would like to find a good wing to sarge with as most of my single friends dont seem to be able to grasp anything i try to tell them and end up fucking up the sets i open. So if anyone wants to go out in Sheffield then give me a message, we can then meet up, discuss tactics then go out sarging cheers

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    Hi mate,

    Im in exactly the same boat! I live in sheffield now and my friends keep fucking up my sets too! Would be cool to work on some tactics and get out there on the sarge! where about in sheffield are you?



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      Hey nice to hear from you, i live in the stannington area of sheffield (near hillsborough) be good to go out sometime trouble is at the mo i've had no work on (damn recession) and got no dough but hopefully things are goin to pick up in he next few weeks. where abouts do you live? keep in touch and hopefully in a few weeks we can go out


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        great stuff, i live in the city centre by the train station. Me and another guy are goin out on the sarge on the 2nd feb its monday night like but everywhere is dead cheap. would be cool if you could come along then? perhaps meet up before and talk tactics? lol


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          yeah hopefully should be ok to go out then and monday night seems like it could be better than a weekend as it will be quieter and easier to run game, i'll get in touch nearer the date and remember to practise at every opportunity good luck ( although we both know luck has nothing to do with it)


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            I know this is an old post, but it's worth a try. If you guys are still here, I'm also in Sheffield looking for some wingmen to sarge with.


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              Alright Guys, you still about Sheffield?


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                Alright guys, I've just moved to Sheff within the past couple of weeks or so. Living pretty central (10 min walk from West St). If any of you are around still, I know the thread has been dead for a while, it'd be interesting to meet up for a night out. Gimme a shout if you fancy it?



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                  Sheffield Lair???

                  Hi all,

                  Just saw this, would really love to get involved.

                  Is there a closed group/email list for Sheffield people?