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  • Anyone here in Darwin?


    I'm trying to find some good wings as my current friends are all boubters/haters.... Is there anyone in the Darwin area that would be keen to hook up and get amongst it?


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    Hey bro, are you talking "Darwin, Australia"? I have been there twice. I ported there with the US Navy a few times.

    Welcome to the path to mastery my friend... any path that you will go down in life that involves immense change and growth will always have people that hold you back. There is an understanding for this and I think that once you understand you will have compassion for your friends and therefore become thier leader rather than someone they pick on; cause secretly dude... they want to be you. Richard Dawkin's book "The Selfish Gene" points to this concept by simply stating that humanity was designed to be selfish in the way that the seed needs to pass on... what does this mean in regards to your friends?

    They are not "awake" to thier nature. Thier nature (part of it) is to pro-create with an healthy mate; they don't know WHY they need to act cocky or "know-it-all", they just know or equate that with "masculinity"... as you are realizing, this is a delusion and as you keep steaming down the path to self development this will become much more clearer.

    I would recommend reading this book:

    Most when faced with friends or family who "hold them back" percieve it as a negative dynamic... if you keep pushing on, you will find out how awesome of a situation your in, you will learn TENFOLD as you grow, get results and then TEACH/inspire those around you to learn what gold you have cultivated within yourself. And if I remember... Darwin is a SMALL town... so your a big fish in a small pond. Cheers mate!

    Add me on facebook bro: [url][/url]



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      G'day Joe,

      Yes Darwin Australia. I'm ex-navy myself (RAN). How did you enjoy your time here? Darwin is small around 120,000. I moved up here recently for work.

      I'm used to nay sayers for most things. They are good people, but they are becoming a drag. I haven't told them about the venusian arts. They aren't the personality type that could do this sort of thing. It's actually harder to meet some cool dudes with similar goals than it is to meet women

      I've read the god delusion and the greatest show on earth, He's brilliant!

      yeah well if you're ever in Darwin, let me know I can take you to the good spots rather than the touristy ones. Or if there is anyone else thats coming up... it's a top tourist spot!



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        Hi Peter
        Yes I am in Darwin. Just joined the forum and looking to learn new skills and have a wing to share knowlege with. Hope your still around
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