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  • Wing Required - Sydney Sarges


    Moving to Sydney.

    Looking for a wingman or wingwoman 4 sydney daytime or night time weekend sarges.

    Only an experienced wing plz, that I can learn PU skills/sarging technique 4rm, since my game is not yet developed.

    If u can help me out, plz let me i do not want to be harrassed, so only legitimate people need apply...


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    Sydney Wing

    hey bud,

    ive been in sydney for a while, and know some good hot spots.
    ive been sarging on my own quite a bit, wouldnt say im pro, but im getting there. but at the same time could sure use some more practice.
    let me know if ur keen.

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      G'day Eleven,

      Thnx 4 ur post..

      Hey Ok..

      First, let me tell u about my sarges...

      I'm looking 4 a LTR I have been sarging daytime only..

      I have tried 1 night time sarge...but i find that it is a lot harder..and some of the women i have met r so far up themselves that i don't think that they would make a good LTR gf anyway..

      I have used Alex coulson's crash & burn technique. Basically, I have made daytime approaches (between 10 - 20 most days) with the intention of being rejected so that AA comes to not-matter-anymore..

      I have found that the best places 4 daytime approaches include the rocks/Opera house, Macas near china town, darling harbour...

      Have not done any pubs during the day....but taking baby steps..bcuz of some residual AA

      ive been in sydney for a while, and know some good hot spots.
      What places would u suggest?

      Also, what I am looking 4 in a wing....

      1. co-operation to achieve mutual goals ie wingman helps me when opening sets and i in turn help wingman when opening sets..
      2. no fighting/arguing over women.
      3. Presence of wingman can be a DHV....because u r not alone...and therefore it does not look like u r out trying to number close a HB
      4. Wing that has more PU knowledge than me that I can learn their knowledge 4rm them.

      also check out this local site [url][/url] just had a quick browse...they organise sarges in sydney etc

      thnx mate..
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        sweet as, kinda different the way i see it haha.
        i think speaking to women in club/bars is much easier cos they are more easy going... day game is hard i dont know how u do it.
        i think i tried it couple of times, but gets quite akward after.

        well i usually hang around night time, so my fav places are just the bars/clubs... heaps of places at the rocks (argyle), darling harbour (home bar), k-cross (hugo's), oxford street (art house), george st (ivy)
        just to name a few anyways.

        as for winging, general requirements i guess.. been there done that.
        but hey if ur keen to hit some clubs let me know. i wanna be practicing my game weekly for the next few months or so. ... summer

        by the way.
        whats a LTR girlfriend?

        ohh... and thanks for the site. ill check it out in a minute, but as far as finding a wing goes... this is the only site i know. if u encounter any other cool ones let me know



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          Eleven, i am better at day game though...

          But i am a quick learner 4 the night game having a wing would help with approach confidence i guess...

          I have been sarging alone...i have not had a mates think that all this PU stuff that i have been learning is a waste of time...but they have no clue..

          an LTR gf = a long term relationship type of girlfriend....basically a girl that you have qualified and then closed on that has all the right female attitudes that u want in a long term gf, plus that she is interested in u 2.

          ok will PM u